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i am not chris brown  before me u wasn't important


everyday is a gift, a gift in the sense that everyday we have another chance to make things right. one day may seem like the end of the world, but life still goes on and everyday we have the chance to better ourselves, to better our lives and to better the people around us. a new day can bring so much, a new friend, a new lover, new opportunities for happiness, growth and self-reflection. so accept God's gift of each and everyday and use it to make His and our world a better, peaceful place. Injustice and crime happens everyday and it's inevitable, but even so, be that person who makes your own world a better place to be in and the worlds of others around you. take a new day, and change your perception on life, have a positive attitude and do greatness, because everyday, we have another chance to make things right❤️

whys man wearing a hijaab cap😂 also hi yall im over the fp life see yall in anotha one

someone tell me why most people i encounter in life are just plain stupid? where are the people with intellect gone🤔hmu asap thanks

when u slide into the dms not expecting a reply, but then his fine ass replies gOD BLESS

anyone know an app to save snapchat stories?

why is this my mood rn

my music taste rn is all over the place lololol

do you think you can be in love with someone without even knowing them properly? like you've known them forever but yall aren't friends and you haven't spoke to them for years but you see them around sometimes idk how to explain it lol

he came into 2018 lookin like a whole damn meal

he lookin so damn fine

what are u leaving behind in '17? (the fucks i give)

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