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Chris Bradshaw  I do this shit for the love💜 @thisispublic•@Thirtytwo @Jslv•@fixbindingco @therealparis_og•@bear_mountain• @tite__ @•1817gang•@Howl @crabgrab link⬇️

LDOH @bear_mountain thank you for your services👌📷 @leestock💨 #bearbuilt 👃🏻less👃🏻slide

@therealparis_og good lookin out players👌💨🌀🔥🤪 #nosideeffects #healTHCcare

It’s gotta be the @crabgrab 🖖🌀💨 #bearbuilt

Wishin the zone was poppin...there’s hope tho 🙏🌨 still blessed to be shredding the Mecca @bear_mountain #markhalfassmondays #youtubethatshit #bearbuilt #whereyouatclark 🎥by that filthy human @markass_mondays #themweresomedaze🌀

Finally got my hands on “the back savers” been wearing em in my shoes last few days and feel a huge difference in the way I stand and how my feet and back don’t bother me at the end of the day. I tried em in my boots for a run and felt like I had to much control, literally made a super broke in pair of boots feel like new so I switched em out back to the old insoles and ended up throwin a jinx and rolled my ankle, no joke🤦‍♂️ if you think I’m bullshittin go peep @remindinsoles and get the medic insole, shit will trip you out👌🌀🙏 #theydidnotpaymetosaythis #wehavenoagreement #justhadtospreadtheword #ifyouhavebackproblemsifeelbadforyouson #newinsolesnotpharmaceuticals #shootuporshutup

Good looks👌 was hyped to see this photo originally shot by @hidefjeff for a @thisispublic add redone by @salvatoreollie 4 @jslv 💜💨 #thewinterofrain2018🌧☔️🏂

So serious🤪 clownin🤡 with my mane @_justinmulford ripping💨 around the Mecca @bear_mountain #bearbuilt shootyouandyourshorty

Welcome home @craigerr we’ve been waiting for you💉🔥🌳💨🧠🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 @thisispublic 🗣🗣💨💨🎱

📍We like to film shit 2wice(fish and a long) 2 ta keep it tru, thanks to my boy @hidefjeff for always comin thru with that A-grade lens work, he loves to give it his all and that gets me more than hyped to make it happen when we get together, even when we just messing around in the park @bear_mountain
he gives it his all👌#hideffjeff #bearbuilt #droppinpinsatthelocalhill📍 #switchfront3dongslap #quitcompressingfilesinstashitquality


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