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Chris Benchetler  Ski | Climb | Surf | Bike | Art | Travel • New series in the works -» Chasing ad🚐ture «- Last season's series👇

More ripping with that friendly cat @seanpettit_ -» Friendly Rippers Vol.28 • @kimmyfasani @skichef @mikeyrencz @sagekotsenburg #chasingadvanture

Miracle March with the tactical strike crew -» Pemberton, BC • @dragonalliance

Such a good time ripping around with @seanpettit_ the friendliest of rippers, @kimmyfasani and the @skichef. Stoked we finally had time to link up for some shooshing Seany poops 🙌 -» Vol 27 • #friendlyrippers #chasingadvanture

Do you even ski bro... -» @bryanwfox x @smartwool#chasingadvanture

A lot of you friendly shred puppies message me wondering what skis I ride and where I mount them, so this is a long overdue ski review.... I ski the @atomicski 185 Bent Chetlers mounted on the factory line. I designed the first generation in 2008 and have continually tested, changed, and tried to improve their overall performance year after year. This latest generation has been my favorite yet. It's very surfy, versatile, and light. We've changed shapes and side cuts, implemented a multi dimensional rocker in the tip and tail called HRZN tech, added a carbon backbone, and lighter wood core. It's very conducive for how I like to ride. The swing weight and shape allows for easier butters, switch skiing, reverts, and releases the tail super well in slashes, etc... For those of you that take a more directional approach, I'd recommend -1 or -2 lines behind the factory line. The factory line was created to work best for a multi directional type of skier after multiple tests. Hope that helps! Thanks to all of you for the continued stoke, and to all the Atomic team that continually kill it and shred my skis so well 🙏 -» 👨‍🍳🎥: @skichef #bentchetler #discoverthebackland

Packing her up. Next stop for @thestealthymarmot ...Nelson -» 👨‍🍳📸: @skichef@goalzero @atomicski @dakine @sonicautomotive #chasingadvanture

Beachin vibes in @thestealthymarmot out on the island. Hope to get back there soon! -» Tofino, BC • #chasingadvanture #gopro

So much love, admiration, and respect to this guy who gave me and our sport so much! -» Come celebrate the 3rd Annual JP Memorial in Whistler from April 8-11th open to anyone who appreciates snow. Hope you can make it! • #jpmemorial #weloveyoujp

En route back to the mountains to try and find more of this. Epic few days on the coast. Can't wait for next time -» 👨‍🍳🎥: @skichef#chasingadvanture #goprokarma @thestealthymarmot

Epic day sharing waves and taking lessons from some friendly rippers -» Wave 1: What to do performed by @cohenscorner -» Wave 2: What not to do performed by me -» Filmed by the wave chef: @skichef • Thanks again for the good times @cohenscorner @danedamus @petedevries @seanpettit_ @lululemonmen#chasingadvanture #friendlyrippers #justpassingthrough #goprokarma

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