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Workout time with my buddy... Even though he wasn't in a good mood. But we pushed through anyway. Not every day is perfect. That's okay. πŸ‘

New vlog intro, what do you think???

If only the world was as happy as a kid going to @toysrus! Family Vlogs: ❀️

That smile! ❀️ Happy Friday! Family Vlogs @

Jumping back on the wagon after "life got busy"... It happens! Currently 166lbs and fluffy! Goal is back to 155lbs! Let's do this! @carldaikeler @autumncalabrese

My pre-workout drink consists of... πŸ˜πŸ™ƒπŸ˜œ @carldaikeler @22hardcorps #22minutehardcorps

Best buddies! Check out our family vlogs ❀️😎

Monster truckin' outside! Get out and enjoy this amazing weather! #StayUpbeat ❀️

She's already holding her head up! She's so strong! ❀️

"Stay Upbeat" is our new slogan and sign off. We feel it best fits our mission of spreading awareness by sharing our journey and daughter story with a congenital heart defect, as well as, our overall vision in always staying positive and not letting a little rain ruin our parade. #StayUpbeat @clevelandclinic

Usually she only wants to snuggle with Lindsay... So I'll take it when I can get it! ❀️

I love when Gary V talks about re-evaluating your day. He says that if we look at our 8 hour day, "we all spend 1-2 hours on dumb shit." Too many of us convince ourselves that we are "too busy" but most of the time, if we cut the "dumb shit", we could be way more productive and happy.
Just like there's a difference between "busy work" and "productive work". One wastes time and the other creates results. Too many waste all their time and energy on the "dumb shit" so when it comes to the stuff they should be focus on, they don't have the time or motivating left to do so.
If you're sitting on the couch in your PJs, watching the news, after sleeping in an extra 30 minutes, slowly drinking your coffee, and creeping Snapchat stories and Instagram... guess what... you're doing "dumb shit". Ha!

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