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My girls ❤️

Since I grew up learning that if you're not 15 minutes early, then you're late, I am going to teach this to my children. Be early. Be prepared. Show people you value their time as much as you value yours. So now that we are on time (early), we will wait patiently. ❤️

While working out, sometimes we need to take a quick break between sets for some play time! ❤️

With a baby, I now have someone I can blame my farts on! 😃👍

Being a "Heart Dad" can be perceived as a "Super Dad". I’m often told, “You’re so brave,” “You’re so strong” and “I don’t know how you do it all.” And while it’s true that I try to be brave and try to be strong, there have also been many times when I feel anything but brave or strong, and I’m not entirely sure how I cope with it all either. I have my breakdowns. I have my moments when fear takes over. But I quickly realize that I can't stay scared, or afraid, or overwhelmed long because it would be very easy to slip into that funk. And if that were to happen, what kind of example would that lead for my family? Our daughter is strong, so I have to be, too.. at least as strong as I can be. -- I wasn't blessed with some magical super strength the day I first heard the words, “There’s something wrong with the baby’s heart.” If you’d seen me shortly after handing my child to a surgeon for heart surgery, you wouldn’t think I was especially brave either. I remember crying in the parking lot with Lindsay, actually. Far from super hero strength. #StayUpbeat #SuperDad #HeartDad #HeartMom #CHD #chdawareness @fox8newscleveland @clevelandclinic @american_heart

Workout done! Being a dad is a REASON, not an excuse! 22 minute workout really helps me squeeze it in! Booyah!

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Still one of my favorite photos. ❤️

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Someone is too happy to sleep! 😃❤️

Sharing secrets already.... 🙄

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