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chris zombieking  horrific artist liverpool, uk INFJ DIYorDie - horrific events coordinator at the @liverpool_horror_club

super excited to officially announce that Im gonna be trading at BLOOD IN THE BASEMENT!

@liverpool_horror_club are gonne be doing a basement takeover in the Adelphi at this year's @liverpooltattooconvention! it'll be a whole floor of horror - movies, traders, videogames, boardgames, workshops, demos, ghost tours and more. πŸ‘»

anyone with a regular tattoo convention wristband gets to enjoy the mini horrorcon free of charge. it's gonna be boss πŸ™Œ

#supportindieevents #liverpool #supportlocalhorror #horrornerd #DIYordie #testtubebabies #frankenstein #unicorn #trex #tittybat #alien #LiverpoolTattooConvention #liverpoolhorrorclub #zombieking

i love it when a new batch of materials arrive πŸ™ŒπŸ’š this signifies some serious moulding & casting action ahead of me next week!

#resinaddict #zombieking

@liverpool_horror_club are looking for traders for the upcoming 'Blood in the Basement' mini-horror con at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention. (UK)

Are you a creative who offers something a bit different? Then please get in touch! Or do you know the perfect person to join our ranks - show them this post and get them to give us a shout!

We have a few strict requirements, so please make sure you fit the bill before getting in touch. Limited spaces available. -
DM or email ( Please include links to your website or social media pages. Thanks!
#supportindieartists #horror #supportindieevents #liverpool #DIYordie #LiverpoolTattooConvention #BloodInTheBasement #liverpoolhorrorclub


The @Liverpool_Horror_Club are screening #Terrifier next week on Friday the 13th April.

If you're local to Liverpool UK, you need to get your arse along to see this movie with an audience of horror nerds!

This is the killer clown movie that all other clown flicks now have to live up to. Pennywise, Spaulding, and those freaks from Outer Space are piss compared to Art the Clown! This is indie horror done right - it's brutal, it's mean spirited, and even though it's played straight - there are plenty of laughs!

Not only is this a movie screening: but following the film, there's gonna be a live video chat with director @damien_leone AND lead actor @davidhowardthornton!
There'll be prizes and giveaways too thanks to the awesome folks at @signatureentertainmentuk πŸ™ŒπŸ’š
Tickets are only Β£6 and you'll also get a free A3 event poster!

Follow @liverpool_horror_club for more info and awesome monthly horror events.
Link to book tickets in their profile

#supportlocalhorror #horror #supportindieartists #liverpool #supportindieevents #DIYordie #terrifier #arttheclown #brutality #allhallowseve #damienleone #killerclown #davidhowardthornton #horrornerd #liverpoolhorrorclub

only 1 month to go!! πŸ‘»

on the 5th & 6th of May @liverpool_horror_club are bringing all the horror along to the @LiverpoolTattooConvention!

we've got movies, boardgames, videogames, traders, demos, art, FX, workshops. there's gonna be sooo much boss stuff to get involved with.
^^this is just what we're doing! the Tattoo Con itself also features 250+ artists, industry & traders stalls, musicians & bands, an awesome range of performers, plus competitions and more!

you get all of this boss stuff with a regular tattoo convention wristband - only Β£18.95 for the day. available from @LiverpoolTattooConvention website.

#supportindieevents #liverpool #supportlocalhorror #horror #supportindieartists #DIYordie #tattoo #subculture #LiverpoolTattooConvention #liverpoolhorrorclub

all the testtube babies currently available in the zombieking website! link in profile

a whole bunch of gorgeous foetal specimens: unicorns, t-rexes, mermaids, zombie unicorns and lil' frankies too. πŸ’š

every one comes with their own adoption certificate - they are named, numbered, and i explain just whereabouts each specimen comes from. these critters are the perfect addition to any taxidermy collection!
they're just Β£22.50 each, plus shipping (Β£5uk, Β£10worldwide). shipping is a flat rate whether you order one, or lots of these little friends πŸ™Œ

#testtubebabies #zombieunicorn #unicorn #specimen #vultureculture #taxidermy #mermaid #trex #frankenstein #zombieking

zombie unicorns are back in the webshop!! link in profile πŸ‘»

omg, these little babes haven't been available for aaaaages (I'm so rubbish at keeping the shop stocked!)
these adorable wee souls each come with their own adoption certificate - they are individually named, numbered, and there is a background on the specimen detailing its origin. they are all hand prepared by myself, and are supplied in a teeny handmade shipping crate to ensure safe passage around the globe.
they're Β£22.50 each plus shipping (shipping is a flat rate whether you buy 1or several). also in the webshop are a few other testtube specimens.. regular (non-zombified) unicorns, mermaids, t-rexes, even some little frankenfoetuses too.

#testtubebabies #zombieunicorn #unicorn #specimen #vultureculture #taxidermy #mermaid #trex #frankenstein #zombieking

The order for @liverpool_horror_club merch is going in today!

We'll have a decent amount of extra t-shirts - but if you want a hoodie, a ladies tank, or a smart shirt (long or short sleeved) then you really need to get put a pre-order in asap.

We will NOT be getting any shirts or tanks which haven't been pre-ordered, and I'll only be ordering a small few additional hoodies.
Β£10 for tees + tanks.
Β£20 for hoodies +shirts.

Full details & sizes on weblink. You can also collect at the next event rather than paying shipping fees.

#supportlocalhorror #liverpool #supportindieevents #horror #horrornerd #DIYordie #liverpoolhorrorclub #zombieking

Any of my Liverpool buddies up for a Horror Club social tomorrow night?

We're gonna be at @doc_horror's Haunted House of Rock at @evileyeliverpool - Beer & Burrito Shack on Smithdown Road.

This is a boss opportunity to come together for a @liverpool_horror_club social night! There's gonna be beer, burritos, weird tunes and even weirder company, plus alt. karaoke! @unclefrankproductions will also be running a horrific quiz (there will be prizes!)
We'll be there from 7pm. Join ussssssssssss! πŸ‘»

#supportlocalhorror #liverpool #supportindieevents #horror #DIYordie #evileye #docHorror #ZATS #zombieking #unclefrankproductions #liverpoolhorrorclub

i hardly ever share photos of myself, but just found this beaut on a hdd from 2013 and thought it too good to keep to myself! πŸ‘»

#mystupidface #photogenicasfuck #zombie4lyf #selfington #zombieking

Have you guys seen this morning's seen announcement from the @liverpool_horror_club?

We're collaborating with the boss folks at the @LiverpoolTattooConvention to bring you BLOOD IN THE BASEMENT! πŸ‘»

The Liverpool Tattoo Convention this May 5/6th has just got even more awesome than usual! Not only do you get an awesome tattoo show - but you're also gonna get a mini horrorcon in the basement. Entry and participation is completely free as part of your regular convention wristband

We'll have horror movies, a horror marketplace, horror workshops, horror art and more. This is going to be bloody fun! πŸ˜‰

More details to be announced in the coming weeks. you can grab tickets to the show at

#supportindieevents #liverpool #tattoo #supportlocalhorror #DIYordie #unclefrankproductions #LiverpoolTattooConvention #subculture #liverpoolhorrorclub

we've got pre-orders up for our latest batch of @liverpool_horror_club merch!

tees & tanks are Β£10, hoodies & shirts are Β£20. the order will be going in next week, so you should be able to pick them up at our next event on Friday the 13th of April πŸ‘»

sizes Small - 4XL available for all items except tanks S - XL.
pre-orders really help us out, as we do everything on a super tight budget. also, the tanks and shirts wont be available outside of this deal - so if you want one of them, this is your only chance.
you'll also get 10% off for putting in an early order 😊

link in profile, or hit up

#supportindieevents #horror #supportindieartists #liverpool #supportlocalhorror #DIYordie #liverpoolhorrorclub #zombieking

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