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Last thing I needed to get for @theverticaldiet came through the post today...... Need to find a cheaper brand though 😐

Feeling pretty beat up today had no motivation to train what so ever..... But that won't get me anywhere and Need to work more on my pause press and controlling the bar more so grinded through anyway.

Not a great session but better than no session at all I suppose.

Top sets 106kg for a double pause.

Had a bit of a play with stones after deadlifts today,

Got 90kg to shoulder with plenty more in the tank 💪.

So Sunday I did this horrible little Conditioning circuit after my session.

Yoke 2 laps.
Sand bag 2 laps.
Tyre flips 2 laps.

It was after doing this a couple of times I realised... I need to do more conditioning work.

After all strongman isn't just about being strong.

Shoulders are coming along nicely, traps ain't doing too bad either 💪😅. Decided to do a bit more body recomposition following @theverticaldiet, let's see how this goes.

So my leg decided it wanted to cramp up, that dip 😖 I can safely say that this was not fun ☠️🤬

So Smith machines get a lot of hate, but they do come in handy for some things.... Like 200kg power shrugs for example.

Then followed them up with.

No belt.
No wraps.

Not the prettiest deadlift but 200kg raw 2 days after a comp..... I'll take it 💪.

6 inch deficit.
2 reps.
No belt.
No wraps.

Look at that deficit........ Filth

My new @rebel.strength deadlift jack is making changing plates effortless 👌.

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