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Chris Gallaher  Performance Coach at Johnny Foster Golf - GUI Ulster Branch Coach - PGA Professional - Coach to Ulster University Golf Team - N. Ireland.


Great week in @amendoeiragolf for the JFG Winter Training Camp. Great work done by all students on fantastic facilities. Thanks to @selfridgec595 for the prizes. #JFG #golf #juniorgolf #coaching

In this recent lesson, I am challenging @davidcunningham_7 to throw the ball towards me without taking his arms off his body, encouraging the bigger muscles to work harder, allowing the body to rotate. #JohnnyFosterGolf #golfswing #coach #player #golfer

If you struggle with an "out to in" or "over the top" golf swing then be sure to check the depth of your lead arm.
In this recent lesson, I helped Gary move his lead arm more inward, resulting in a shallower shaft, a more stable club face and more predictable shots! #JFG #golf

In a recent lesson, Luis used the pause-hit drill to enhance the feel of the correct pivot, feeling the pelvis inbetween the 2 feet at the top. A great drill for increasing awareness when making technical changes. #JFG #coaching #swing #drill

I believe that allowing and assisting the student to develop skill is paramount once they have functional technique. Here is Stuart putting on a masterclass in launch control in a recent lesson. Hit golf shots rather than making golf swings! #JohnnyFosterGolf #golf #juniorgolf

Check out this video where I talk through an effective routine that we worked on in a recent lesson.

Taking care of the things you can 100% control will increase the chance of maximising the result in the things you can't. #JohnnyFosterGolf #golf #golfing #performance

Sustainable changes take time! Here is evidence of the great work Odhran has done over the last year to improve his golf swing, resulting in him dropping his handicap by 6 shots. Build a plan with your coach and stick to it! #johnnyfostergolf #golf #golfswing

How do you keep on top of your technique in the midst of a competitive season?
Here are some of my thoughts on how to maintain your game between a busy tournament schedule. #JohnnyFosterGolf #coach

Another productive and engaging GUI Regional session in the books. Strike awareness and practice periodisation were the topics of the day! #JohnnyFosterGolf #ulstergolf #coach

Sometimes improving movements is a 2 man job!! Here I am encouraging Jonny to rotate his body through his pitch shots more, resulting in a more stable clubface. Credit @ggswingtips for the drill!! #JohnnyFosterGolf #wedgeplay #golfcoach

When working on shaping shots, it helps to place a visual out in front of you to indicate start line. Here, I have placed an alignment stick in front for this student to fade around. If you can start it online, it'll never be too destructive, even if you do have this amount of speed!! #johnnyfostergolf #driver #golfswing #golfcoach

One of the key elements of my coaching is to build upon the student's natural, individual skills instead of rewriting them and fitting into a "model". Here is young Tomas showing hitting a soft nippy pitch shot really isn't that difficult!! #JFG #juniorgolf #golfswing

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