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Chris Frailey  AZ based photog who points his camera at: Fashion 💃 Fitness 🏋️‍♂️ Storms 🌩 Weddings -> @chrisfraileyweddings 👰 Seniors -> @chrisfraileyseniors 🚶‍♀️

Studio fun with Jessica. Her dress reminded me of a spiderweb. 🤣

Some rest and relaxation this past weekend at @disneyland. Maybe I should say fun times as we averaged about 9 miles a day in walking. 😱 So awesome to see Disneyland decorated for Halloween. We hit all of our favorites Incredicoaster, Thunder Mountain, Radiator Springs Racer, Guardians of the Galaxy (love the new theme) and of course Space Mountain. What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland?

Love this light airy look by @ashleyallenfit during her fitness shoot.

Who’s getting ready for the weekend? @jessicaquillian certainly looks ready to take on the world.

Mmm sunset bolt last night. Love the monsoon lightning strikes.

Headshots for this up and coming young actor. He’s going places. #next007

Hard work = results, a concept not lost on @_alyssa__mariee. Love this shot from our recent #crossfit session. Big thanks to @crossfitendlesssummer for use of their amazing facility.

A nice lightning strike from this past weekend of storm chasing. Caught this bolt in a mix of rain and dust just south of Eloy AZ.

That golden hour agrees with @jessicaquillian. Just a stunning look by her. #thosearms

“Powerhouse” - @ashleyallenfit defines it.

Functional fitness is something you hear a lot these days. Cross fit seems to be filling that need for @_alyssa__mariee. Vanity takes a backseat to solid muscles on this frame. Thank you @crossfitendlesssummer for use of your awesome facility.

“Lady in Red” - it’s always a treat to work with @jessicavangaalen. She brings so much to the table with her modeling experience. She’s awesome!