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Chris Frailey  AZ based photog who points his camera at: Fashion 💃 Fitness 🏋️‍♂️ Storms 🌩 Weddings -> @chrisfraileyweddings 👰 Seniors -> @chrisfraileyseniors 🚶‍♀️

Doing some work with these fellas tonight. Great training partners.

Thanksgiving week! I’m so grateful for all my clients who trust me to capture their moments in time. #npccompetitor @jessicaquillian is looking incredible from her fitness session.

Crosspost from my high school seniors account (@chrisfraileyseniors) with Raine. I’m not sure who had more fun with the smoke bombs, her or me. 🤣 She crushed her senior session!

Body by CrossFit. Fitness model @_alyssa__mariee. Studio courtesy of @crossfitendlesssummer #crossfitgirls

Scouting out the Salt River area for this Sunday’s shoot. This is going to be fun. ❤️ the AZ landscape.

A #tbt with @lindsaymariefit. The twilight hour definitely agrees with her.

A nice little cell dropping out of the Chiricahuas this summer. I rarely get to storm chase SE AZ due to the distance. Weekends are my only option and praying that Mother Nature will deliver a good setup only complicates it. Nonetheless the landscape is absolutely gorgeous down there. I plan on making more trips in 2019 to see more of what SE AZ has to offer.

Sneak peek of @courtneytillia from our recent session in studio. She crushed it.

That’s a wrap with the gorgeous @courtneytillia. She’s awesome.

80 degrees, sunshine, and blue skies is our current forecast. Perfect weather! Except all I can think about are days like this back in July. Marana getting lit up during our Monsoon. Counting down the days until May for a plains chase. #instagramaz #igersphx