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Chris Frailey  AZ based photog who points his camera at: Fashion 💃 Fitness 🏋️‍♂️ Storms 🌩 Weddings -> @chrisfraileyweddings 👰 Seniors -> @chrisfraileyseniors 🚶‍♀️

I’ve been adding kettlebells to my workouts lately. They’ve been great for forcing different muscles to be called into action. What are your favorite kb exercises?

“Blue Thunder”
A tornado warned storm east of Broken Bow Nebraska a few weeks back from my plains chase. Massive lightning wrapped up inside this beast.
Bonus Points: name the lead actor from the movie which shares this same title (no Googling)

@jessicaquillian shows how it’s possible to be a mom and a fitness warrior. I’m sure she will tell you there are no short cuts just hard work but you can see what the payoff looks like. So much fun working with Jessica.

"Horsing Around in South Dakota"

Funny that my first pic from my week of storm chasing has no weather in it at all. Nonetheless, I had to post this one as these guys cracked me up as I was driving by them in South Dakota. I had just dropped down from the Bad Lands and these curious five just begged attention.

“Better Days” one of the things I enjoy during my storm chasing adventures is finding old buildings. These are all over the small towns of the plains. Each one has stories to tell and I’d love to hear them all.

Made some new friends this morning in the plains of South Dakota. These horses were pretty friendly and looking for some attention. I just couldn’t resist stopping by and getting a quick shot of them. These unplanned stops are such a treat as I’m traveling to my next storm chasing target. They really help break up the long drive. #america

Monster storm cell today in Limon CO. A lot of fun chasing this bad boy or rather it chasing me.

Oh Oklahoma you’ve been fun today. A quick iPhone shot of some of today’s goodness.

Big thunderstorm over Freedom Oklahoma.

Fun times on a windy day at Papago Park with the incredibly fit @jessicaquillian. She’s awesome.

Love this headshot of Nikki. Simple and elegant.

A rare moment when the AZ wind machine wasn’t trying to blow us off the top of the butte at Papago. @jessicaquillian showcasing what it takes to compete in the NPC.

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