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CHRISTOPHER M. THATCHER  Just your below average dude struggling by with hard work and motivation

So I hate chemistry. Like alot. But a few weeks ago while studying for finals I met this girl. She is so smart and helped me do as well as I did on the final and while studying we started to learn about each other. I started to learn how kind, friendly and funny she is and she started to learn that maybe I'm not an asshole after all. We talked, alot, and next thing I know I started to like her. Her name is Hannah and she brings me so much joy and happiness that I cannot put it into words. She is the greatest girlfriend a man could ask for. I can't wait to see you again!

Yes Yes Yes I know I messed my grip up on deadlifts but I didn't care to change it. I just wanted to show a little Moto. And I've really been pushing my ass to get better with squats. I just want a bigger butt!!!

This is a picture of happiness

Just wish I could spend some time with these ladies😊😊 Gets lonely in the desert🏜

I just want to go back here and get away for the next couple weeks until September 3rd.

This is what it looks like at 9103ft... Just 3k feet above pinecrest lake. Great ride!!!

It took nearly 4 months to get this back together after braking my old frame but damn... Feels good to be home.

Just wanting to go back here and ride.

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