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BRISTOPH  The Way Of The Warrior.

“Laugh with many but don’t trust any”

What A Fucken Trio.

I just wanna say that naimet is one of the realest niggas I’ve ever met hands down. Ive told her shit a lot many don’t know and ive opened up about some real ass shit and im glad that I aspire her to do good shit in life n how we keep eachother on check to do the right thing. We dont talk all the fucken time or hang out but at the end of the day we are there for eachother. I met her last year n shes one of the closest friends i have. I never thought id post some shit like this but I have to cuz shes been there for me through the thick & thin. We’ve both talked through the craziest shit n looking back at it its fucking wild💀 Thanks for always being the real one u are🙌🏻

Ill never forget that view...
(Peep boolian’s dark ass💀)

Shrek n frozone... name a better muthafuckin duo😭😂😭

Dead Body Disposal

Congrats class of 2018. Fuck all u fake ass niggas, but to all my real ass ones(u know who u are) I fuck with u guys heavy n i am truly grateful for all the experiences n just ur presence in general. I dont wanna type an essay so long story short i fucken love u guys. Stick around cuz ima be the KING OF THE UFC AND LA WILL BE MY CITY🙌🏻


Just Cheesin


Shoot to kill...


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