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Here's a couple clips from today's training. Shown are zercher carries (Conan wheel without the wheel), tree stump press, and keg clean and press (200+lbs). Primed the legs with SSB squats before it all and did a few speed runs on the yoke after the zerchers

Here's some speed frame carries, sandbag runs, and one of a bunch of sets of 5 on the axle deadlift from today

Had a day of powers today, and a lot of them. Hit a ton of singles at 110kg/242lbs power snatch and a bunch of power clean + power jerk at 140kg, very easy 145kg/320lbs (shown), and a super rough 150kg/330lbs. By the time I worked up to 150kg, I really had nothing left, so the lift was extremely ugly 😂

BTN push press: easy singles at 143kg/315lbs
B Squat: 5 singles at 239kg/525lbs
Pin Pull: 3x3 at 320kg/705lbs

Here's a few of the accessory lifts today from practice. I went light on snatch and clean and jerk, but heavy on Block Muscle Snatch (110kg/242lbs which is a PR from blocks), GHD back extensions, snatch pull triples (160kg/352lbs), snatch deadlift + 5 extensions + eccentric (201kg/442lbs), and box jumps

Worked on front squats today with easy singles at 207kg/455lbs, sets of 5 sumo at 225kg/495lbs, and strict press singles at 102kg/225lbs

Practice today with Hang Snatch above the knee easy 120kg/264lbs, Clean from low blocks easy 160kg/352lbs, and Jerk behind the neck 170kg/375lbs. Working up on Hang snatches, I used Muscle Snatch + Hang Snatch & Power Snatch + Hang Snatch, and warmed up for cleans with Power Clean + Clean from blocks.

Nothing special today just some moderately heavy singles (around 90%) in the squat, bench, and deadlift (234kg/515lbs, 152kg/335lbs paused, 257kg/565lbs)

Worked on sandbag runs with 260ish-lbs, log press (225 strict, 255, 275lbs), and moderate weight circus DB with reps at 150lbs both arms.

Snatch from the hip 120kg/264lbs
C&J at 160kg/352lbs
Sumos at 222kg/488lbs and 242kg/532lbs
Supine Bent Row triples at 151kg/333lbs

Shouldered my first stone today 🤤

SSB pause squats today triples and singles up to 200kg/440lbs, yoke run PR 700lbs, and farmers 260lbs per hand (2 45s per side, 1 35 on one side, 1 25 on one side). I had to drop the yoke mid run because my hamstring cramped up on me, and the farmers were so hard to hold on to because of the uneven weight from front to back. I need a few more 45s soon.

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