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  #ThePack Sapiosexual Be like water 💧♓

I'd rather be tired than broke.....

Feels good to sit in the shotgun for once, so happy for my people man I wish our blessings on of everyone #NothingButLove #LifesGood #WeEATin

Shout out my boy I seen this dude put mad work in this project of his it's inspiring and just the commitment he put I mean there's a ghetto everywhere and he got stories so do him a favor and give a listen go follow, check his shit out all that

Kobe vs Lebron for the last time...easy call

I'm staying my ass inside

"Momma see I told you I would" thank you for these 23 years you ain't gotta worry those days is over #Flowers4U #PiscesSeasonIsOn


The sweetest thing....

Shout out the men that raised me w really out here #Quinceneras

I keep it hood but my other half is a nerd I like reading and shit but this is how I'll be attending the movie #JustLikeThis #Mandalorean

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