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Time for my morning walk 🐾

Hi my name is Chowder and I like warm hugs

My face when they tell me there’s no food

Hello from me and my wagging tail

Yes, when I ride in the car I seat in front cause I’m a boss (and yes I am safe and with my seatbelt on) 😎

Throwback to baby chowder

Me: Ofcourse I can guess which hand the treat is in, easy peasy

My face when I tell my pawparents I wanna go out and play

bless you 😅

Me when someone rings the doorbell

A smile a day, goes a long way 😀

Can you guess which one is the real doggo? 😂 If you wanna get your own Chowder clone, kindly email If you also want a cuddle clone of your own pet, use my code “CHOWDER10” ❤️

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