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Chosen 2 Lead, Inc  Established in '07. Mentoring program for “At-risk & non at-risk Males. Developing Leaders & Strong Young Men with Values & Career Paths. #RepChosen

They got us good!! We got caught slipping (wait for it) A lady on the ferry boat told us someone had blackmail footage.... 😂 #RepChosen #Brotherhood #WhereUnityBegins #BeTheChange #ItStartsWithYou #SFGiants #ATTPark

We don’t discriminate against the color of skin or ethnicity. Every single young man is considered #AtRisk in our eyes and we vow to change the odds stacked up against them! #RepChosen #BeTheChange #ItStartsWithYou #SFGiants #ATTPark

Building relationships is a must & tearing down barriers and walls caused by hurt and broken hearts is what we strive for!! #Brotherhood #WhereUnityBegins #RepChosen #SFGiants #ATTPark

We up in here @attparkofficial and had a ball. The food was #OffTheHook and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks @sfgiants for the experience #RepChosen

Headed to the SF Giants game tonight via Ferry Boat #PlayBall #SFGiants #PittsburgPirates #ATTPark #LetsGooo #RepChosen

In Akron, Ohio, it’s the first day of school for 240 at-risk students who will be attending the inaugural year of the I Promise School — and it’s all thanks to LeBron James. The NBA superstar created the school as an extension of the LeBron James Family Foundation to give kids opportunities to thrive despite difficult life situations.

The School, which is part of the Akron Public Schools, opened Monday for 240 third- and fourth-graders. The school will expand year by year, going to second and fifth grades next year until it is grades 1-8 by 2022.

The new school has a longer school day and a longer school year, and its educators will be tasked with trying to overcome historic disadvantages the attendees face.

If the children follow the program the foundation has worked to mold, James has arranged for them to have free college tuition at the University of Akron. Along the way, the foundation has set up a program to also help the parents earn their high school diplomas and other continuing education.

The I Promise School, as the LeBron James Family Foundation has named it, is his legacy to his hometown. Eventually, the goal is for thousands to pass through its doors and up the ladder. For a city like Akron, population 200,000, trying to improve the outlook of this segment of children is how James has decided to attempt to foster generational change #Ipromise #repchosen #BeTheChange #ItStartsWithYou

You can’t win focusing on always trying to impress the people around YOU!! Winning comes when you set your priorities in order, stay motivated and determined to achieve your goals no matter what!! Thank you @etthehiphoppreacher for the inspiration!!! #GoalOriented #Determined #Motivated #WinningIsContagious #RepChosen

#TGIF and so glad the weekend is almost here. Don’t look at the clock! No need to remind yourself it’s almost #QuittingTime Instead just stumble on into the weekend and thank God you made it through another one! #SomeoneDidnt #RepChosen

How serious is weed smoking, pill taking and other drug taking? Hundreds of artist do them daily and promote it in their music which only encourages our young people that it’s ok!!
#NOT Often times drugs are done as a coping mechanism to help escape the pressures they face in life. Check out @redtabletalk and listen to Gammy aka Jada Pinkett-Smith’s mom, August Alsina and Ashley (Will Smith’s sister) share their stories of addictions, pain and how they overcame the struggle. Denying the fact that you have a problem only makes chances of getting help harder. #RepChosen #Quest4Success #BeTheChange #itstartswithyou

GUESS who’s baaaack?! Go follow our brand @c2clothing and be on the look out for some exciting things hitting the shelves this summer ‘18!! #thewaitisova #WeBaaack #C2Clothing #Urban #Relevant #Trendy #Fashion #DontJustWearIt #LiveIt #RepChosen

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