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Gerrie Lim  THIS IS MY FINSTA!!! #FloralXFuqboi

Fellow Asian Americans, be yourself proudly, even if white people can't tell us apart b/c my Chinese-Filipino ass finally got its hands on a qipao shirt and I legit feel so powerful in it like I can firebend whilst channeling my ancestors' spirits or save all of China from the Huns. Definitely wearing this is if I ever get asked on a date!!! .....If. #FloralxFuqboi

Who is you, and who the fuck is you, and who is him? #FloralxFuqboi

Name a couple cuter than us. We'll wait. 🌸 #happy4years

I love Science™!!!!!!!* *not enough to dedicate my life to it. Sorry, mom and dad.

⚠️🚫⛔️ Please note, the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to all students!! ⛔️🚫⚠️ (Ends up in detention. In the forest. That is forbidden. Spent the time reflecting and praying for some deity to bestow more chill.)

Haven't burned this one....yet. 🌁 (It's good to be back in California!!) #westcoastbestcoast

Glad to be back with my hoes. #NoMoreWoes #NotTheNotTheWHCD

This is fine.™ #NotTheNotTheWHCD

I heard decorating your graduation cap is a thing? #meandmyartdegree

Every year Obama was our president and the republic wasn't burning to ash, I'd watch the White House Correspondent's Dinner. This year, I actually get invited to the #NotTheWHCD because my boss is hosting it, and I can't even go because I have to graduate from a public university and my parents made lunch reservations. So here's a pic of me looking in the general direction of D.C., where I wish I could be. Catch the show April 29th @ 10/9pm CST!!!

When summer's about to begin but you're about to get one degree hotter || pics by @thirteenoctobers #blest

The boys wanna be her, the girls wanna be her, I wanna be her. Today was my last full day at the best show on television. Thanks to everyone who made this past semester awesome, inside and outside the office.

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