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Low carb dinners are on the menu these days. My skin has been SO irritated from crap bread, sugar and junk. So I’m back on track to eating better again. ➡️ Bolognese stuffed eggplant “parmigiana”! They’re quite easy to make and there’s no frying needed! Do you guys want the recipe?

Healthy meals are a must after such an indulgent summer. Cauliflower Steaks with Chimichurri and a side of sweet potato fries hit the spot! The recipe will be in @veggieeboxuk and bonus, the veg is already cleaned trimmed and ready to cook!

I love the UK and their love for pies! I’m enjoying the new global flavour selection from @ginstersofcornwall ! This is their flavourful Katsu Chicken slice. Filled with a coconut milk based Katsu Chicken Curry using 100% British farmed chicken, wrapped in a tender and golden puff pastry. I like mine served hot and straight from the oven but they can definitely be eaten cold too. It’s a perfect quick and a #ProperlyTasty solution for a meal on-the-go, at the desk or at home. Try their other global flavour, rich and spicy Piri Piri Chicken as well.
#ad #TasteofCornwall @ginstersofcornwall

Who else loves wraps & sandwiches?? I’m obsessed with making and eating these Lettuce Wraps. They’re basically a salad wrap! This one has iceberg lettuce, rocket, ham, red pepper, avocado & Dutch cheese. I tested making it the night before and it held up really well! Just don’t put any condiments on it until you eat it!

Carrot cake vs. Cheesecake. Why not both?! Cheesecake topped carrot cake!
Which would you chose? 🥕🎂🧀

This delicious and creamy Cauliflower and Mushroom Risotto is coming to @veggieeboxuk soon! Paleo, gluten free & the prep work is already done for you!

Raspberry cheesecake 🌀 buns pre-bake! 😍 #baking

Who wants a slice?? 🍕There’s nothing like homemade pizza! 😍. Testing several pizza doughs at work and I’ll never get sick of it! Dough is so fascinating #foodnerd.

Yes, I ate both of them. No, I don’t wanna Taco ‘bout it! 😅. Who wants to come over for the next brunch?

Homemade Kale tortillas, @brindisaspanishfoods Spicy Bravas sauce, seared halloumi, avocado 🥑, pickled onions, cilantro and @clarence_court fried 🍳!

Nachos are my favourite snack food and they’re great to play with different flavours. I’ve used Gluten Free Chicken Tikka spice and made these delicious creamy Chicken Tikka Potato Chip Nachos! The Chicken Tikka comes together in a pinch with a few simple ingredients and layers up beautifully with cheese and crisps, topped with fresh garnishes. These packets are a great way to add flare to a Gluten Free diet and lifestyle. Delicious and perfect for sharing! .
#Schwartz #GlutenFree #ad

Back into the swing of baking! Cheesy Everything Spice Gougères ready for the oven 🙏🏽

Avocado toast and a jammy egg on repeat! Sprinkled some of the za’atar I brought back from Lebanon & extra toasted sesame seeds 😍

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