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CHOICES  Trusted Californias based wholesale distribution

Thanks to @paperplanes_extracts DNA Special Edition Flo OG available though @choicesdistribution_

Shout out to @paperplanes_extracts they came through with some special edition DNA live resin Dosido πŸ”₯😎

Granddaddy purple from @certifiedskunk packaged by the best @premiumpackaging contact @choicesdistribution_ for an order πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Shout out to @stoneyranch with some Sour band, available through @choicesdistribution_ packaged by @premiumpackaging

The Buddah Cookies grown by @thegrapecookies_ available through @choicesdistribution_ packaged by @premiumpackaging

Stoney ranch has done an amazing job again πŸ”₯😎 get your day going with some Stoney ranch Glue thanks to @stoneyranch available through @choicesdistribution_ packaged by the best @premiumpackaging

Available through @choicesdistribution_ grown by @skunkyfarms packaged by @premiumpackaging prepare yourself with some πŸ”₯

Be sure to look at the new stuff that's apart of the Distribution. Some delicious Chem Cookies from Skunky Farms πŸ”₯@skunkyfarms packaged by @premiumpackaging

Paper planes IC Collective TITS sugar yum πŸ”₯ receive through @choicesdistribution_ thanks to @paperplanes_extracts

Take a trip and eat some HIFI 😎 available through @choicesdistribution_ thanks to @hifichoc

Stockton Patients!!!!! Head over to @209waterloowellness to pick up some @paperplanes_extracts✈️✈️

Recieve your bomb Girl Scout cookies through @choicesdistribution_ packaged by @premiumpackaging thank you @certifiedskunk

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