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Terje Haakonsen  @burtonsnowboards @sweetprotection @oakley @infinitummovement @volcom 👻 chocorompe


Couple of resort laps with @alexandrews and his new gimbal. Drop the clips off at @leocittadella desk and he will edit and play a tune for it 🎹 I’ll put it in my holiday shred file and remember it as a fine weekend..💨💨 #imperial #ak

Big up’s to @joshdirksen for smoking everybody by a mile in his first Mt.Baker Banked Slalom win. ( @legendarylbs ) Nobody has more runner up titles than Josh, so it was hella cool to see him get it and get it with style 😎 Also congrats to @nateholland & @phil_jacques for podiums times 🏁
Except from Phil, top five was all over 40. We are not getting old, we are old & fast 📷 @scottsullivanphoto @alexandrews #mtbakerbankedslalom2018

Blue bird in Hakuba valley. This was before the big snowfall that was so good. It was such a heavy(nice) snow fall that the Freeride comp I was gone enter got cancelled. Just mentioning that, in case anybody was wondering what happened. 📷 @ripzinger
#cheetahboard #pantforpudder♻️

Sushi 🥢

#attunga all week
We tried to make a more custom suited Banked slalom board last winter, but I liked it more for freerding. T7 shapes and Custom X is still what I use for a Banked slalom, parks and pipes. 📷 @andrew_miller

Attunga flick is now on YouTube for your next Tea break. 🏂 @torgeirbergrem @marcuskleveland @oliviergittler @scottyjames31 @patmoore @blottscum @jossmclpn @mikerave @jamiemlynn @bryaniguchi 🕹 @sethhuot
Link on bio page

Attunga : A higher place.. a short film about spoiled dudes from gnorway in messy world of action sports
Coming online this Monday
@torgeirbergrem 🏂 @marcuskleveland

Nippon stop has been mostly like expected .. We made Happo One
#hakubavalley #goprojp #pantforpudder
@curtisciszek 🏂 @ripzinger 🍶 @oliviergittler 🕹 @iansane 📱 @leocittadella 🖥

parking it at #tsugaike shred resort 🕹 @iansane @goprojp

Breaking in new Imperial’s on Hakuba pow. 🕹 @aratasuzumura 📷 @ripzinger

A lot of things impresses me in Nippon land. They embrace Actions Sports and have tons of talents in the mountains, waters and towns. This 12 year old prodigy is making grown up sports look so easy and smooth. This run is on my hella sick list.
Looking forward to see @kikuchi_taisei grow .. #Repost @kikuchi_taisei (@get_repost)
I wanted to make this run. I did it🙌🙌🙌
#hufjp#hufworldwide#santacruzskateboards #acetrucks #boneswheels #187killerpads #sk8 #skate #skater #skateboard #skateboarder #スケボー#スケートボード#metrogrammed #shralpin#skateclipsdaily#skatefam #skatesubmit#skatefun #skatelife #instaskater #skatelove #skateboarding#skatecrunch#skatecrunchmag #skatelove#minirampsteez #bowl

Trolling the forest 🎥🎹 @leocittadella

#chewbacca @scando.no
👢 @volcomfootwear

Can’t wait for summer 🤔#volcomboardshorts #cantwaitforit #attunga

You ready to do it for your Country ? or is your Country that is trying to be the best Country in the world. That is “always” fighting for human rights, but suddenly ignores the facts for fake gold medals and a three week party that causes huge nature crimes and uses your tax money to build towns and stadiums that turns into ghost towns 🤔 #sportrolemodels #biggerthansport
Only 22.000 families was affected by human rights at the last Olympic Games and again the nature crimes was huge. The other thing that really surprises me, is how athletes, nations and companies bends over and get dictated by this group of older corrupt Men that don’t bring anything to the table. Maybe this games brought nations closer back in the day, but now it builds borders, I think. I come from a sport where nationalism has never been a thing, so it’s funny to see some of my team mates try to hide under the umbrella “I’m doing it for my country”, while sport companies across the world has done everything for them and they pay taxes in another country where they live. I haven’t even mention anything about IOC’s Sports politics .. I don’t think it’s an bad idea to bring all Sports together for a party, but why break all this important things that affect people and the world while doing it. I also think that not all the best guys get to go, and that is because the more nations that are involved the more profit IOC makes. There is solutions and people know this..it’s really old news
#proudolympian #yourebiggerthanthis

Be safe out there 🤪 Enjoy what’s left of 17 & have the best shred times in 2018 🤘🏽
#burtonarchives #standinsideways #cheetahboard 🎥 @timanning

A beauty of an Method from 🏂@torgeirbergrem 📸 @vernondeck
#volcomstone #truetothis

While we waiting for the 🚆 with @mikkel_bang & @ripzinger #tricks #2012

Got a Snap from my Sister ! My Mom is the best... happy holidays 🍄🎄💃🏻

“Just hold on” holiday prep 🎄 with the boys 📈 @oslo_vinterpark is taking form 🎅🏼 @mikkel_bang @mariusotterstad @francobellonauz & visual wizard @leocittadella #ralston #hovland #akclothing #volcomboots

Stoked to have to signed up with Burton Snowboards ..again. They wrote on their web page that I have pulled back from competitions, but I actually did 8 comps last season. I definitely retired from most of the acrobatics type of riding, but if there is speed,amplitude and powder involved. I’ll give it a go. I’ll continue working with the familytree lines of boards, boots, bindings and the AK gear. Pushing the sustainability program and giving people headaches ☺️ Thx @burtonsnowboards for giving me the opportunity 🏂💨💨

Just saw some good pipe shredding from the Dew stop in Breckenridge. I thought this Burton shred should have won 🏂. @ben_ferguson . I think @scottyjames31 have to face that judging can be hard sometimes. Good watch today #theroadislong

Boarding #akgear 🎥 @timanning

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