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Choco Mucho Cookies 

Rich chocolate cookies and a thick of slice of chocolate right in the center paint a portrait of heavenly perfection. #HeavenInTheCenter

Watch the story of how heaven blessed man and all of us with the new Choco Mucho Cookie Sandwich - a slice of thick chocolate in the middle of two delicious cookies. #HeavenInTheCenter #SayYASStoChocoMucho

Man was searching for something heavenly. What was heaven’s answer? Follow us to know more. #HeavenInTheCenter

In the beginning, man had a craving. The heavens answered... Find out soon. #HeavenInTheCenter

Can an angel keep a secret? Maybe. But surely not for long. Yassi has a heavenly treat she’ll soon share with all of us. Be on the lookout! #HeavenInTheCenter

What does a thick layer of smooth and creamy white chocolate between two chocolate cookies prove? That heaven is real, and it’s here in every Choco Mucho Cookie Sandwich. #HeavenInTheCenter.

Reach nirvana with the new Choco Mucho Cookie Sandwich, with slices of luscious creamy chocolate and white chocolate in the center. #HeavenInTheCenter

Take a bite and taste heaven in the center of this year’s festivities. Let the flavor of rich chocolate explode in the first moments of the new year and beyond. Happy New Year from Choco Mucho Cookie Sandwich.

Watching a New Year movie during the holidays? Good. Having the new Choco Mucho Cookie Sandwich as your movie time snack? Great! Enjoy heaven in the center with family and friends.

When we help others, we bring them a little piece of heaven. How much heaven did you give out this year? Tell us in the comments below.

How do you achieve bliss? With a single bite of our heavenly chocolate and white chocolate flavors. The new Choco Mucho Cookie Sandwich – bite into it now. #HeavenInTheCenter

Let your heart take flight. Take a bite and enter your chocolate heaven. Have a taste of the heavenly chocolate center in every Choco Mucho Cookie Sandwich now. #HeavenInTheCenter

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