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Jordi's chocolate
Three Continents
Dark chocolate 100%
My Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫(4,25/5)
Cocoa: 100%
I opened the package and the cacao smell hit me and it was beautiful. Yeah it was.
Once I tried a 100% chocolate. It was a Lindt bar. To be honest I hated it. It was just too bitter. Even for me (who enjoys the darkest chocolates as much as any other ones.) But that smell just made me more enthusiastic to try the bar.
Surprisingly the bitter taste didn't bother me like in the Lindt bar. I could feel the intense cacao taste. It was just fulfilling that I wasn't even needing another soothing taste such as milk or sugar. #schokolade #chocolate #bitter #dark #cioccolate #100

Milk chocolate
My Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫(4/5)
Cocoa: ?%
It would be a shame if I traveled around and didn't taste the local chocolates. So I'm here again with the newest reviews. This one especially is the chocolate of my childhood. Every time I eat it memories rush into my mind. Still, I'm sure it's not the only reason I like it this much. I don't like every product of this brand. But to be honest, they know how to make delicious milk chocolate. It's one of the most satisfying ratio of milk and cacao for my taste. So, go on and give it a try if you visit Turkey. #ülker #milkchocolate #chocolate #schokolade #çikolata #cioccolato #chocolat

Noir 85
dark chocolate
My Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫(4,25/5)
Cocoa: 85%
For it's price this chocolate is one of the best quality you can get. I love the taste and the texture and everything about it. The bar has excellent Fairtrade and Organic credentials, with the majority of the ingredients being both.
The cocoa beans used in the chocolate bar come from the small villages in Bolivia, Dominican Republic and Peru. Aroma is very dark, strongly coffee, and a bit of earthiness. Has a crunchy texture which melt immediately in your mouth. Even tough the taste is not acidic, the after taste is a little bit so. #fairtrade #bio #chocolate #çikolata #chocolat #cioccolato #schokolade #chocolatereview #review #bitter #dark

Dominican Republic
Dark chocolate
My Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫(4/5)
Cocoa: 70%
This is one of the dark chocolate selections of the Aldi (Hofer) brand Choceur. I generally think supermarket brands have low quality products, with exceptions of course. Choceur may be one of the exceptions. They're not producing gourmet chocolate but some of them are actually really successful. And the brand uses 100% fair trade products. No palm oil, no preservatives.
It's a dark chocolate with a slightly acidic bittersweet cacao aroma. I don't really enjoy the acidic taste so that was a minus on my behalf. It melts quickly in your mouth.
Best part of the experience was for me the finish. It was a mixture of the sweetness with good solid cacao base notes. #chocolate #chocolat #çikolata #schokolade #cioccolato #chocolatereview #review #fairtrade #bitter #dark #choceur #dominicanrepublic #cacao

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