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Sof C  Our kids Charlie, Isabelle, British shorthair Oliver and culinary & travel adventures. iPhone SIN -> MEL -> HKG -> LHR.

I wish this strawberry tart had in fact been the size of Mei Mei's head! #notmadebyme #foodstagram #strawberrytart #morningcake

The winning entry to an anti-valentines day #bakeoff... Happy Valentine's Day everyone (or not)! #antivalentinesday #notmadebyme

Chinese hot dog buns. Time it takes for dough to rise: 2 x 1 hrs. Time it takes to bake till golden brown: 25 mins. Time it takes for Mei Mei to tear open to find the hot dog: 3 seconds.

Impressed by the seabass platter at a newish fishmongers / seafood restaurant near our hood; it was so large the kids and I could only eat half of it!

Normally my work from home lunches consist of either eating a late breakfast, raiding the fridge for leftovers or grabbing a sandwich on the go while running errands at lunchtime. Today I decided to slow down and enjoy a relaxed break at our lovely local. I even managed to have dessert! #alicehouse #alicehousequeenspark #applecrumble

Delicious way to start the new year! Posh Peking duck served with generous amounts of duck meat. #hkk #pekingduck #londoneating

Getting ready for Chinese New Year eve! #dumplings #chinesenewyear #chinesenewyear2017

Is it too early for cakes at our favourite local French Japanese patisserie? Never. #lankabakery #lanka

One of the crazier dishes I've had lately: a kimchi sheeps milk croquette draped with fatty cured tuna that's lightly torched with hot coal to melt the butter. #LePedroche #streetxo #Muñoz #theatricalfood

Well deserved tea with #ottolenghi raspberry & pistachio dark chocolate after 2 days of spring cleaning with @alvlam, inspired by the upcoming Chinese New Year and #mariekondo. 8 large bags going to Oxfam, box of toys to local park cafe and we only just got started...

It's wet and cold today in London so Oliver and I are amusing ourselves at home. "Ok enough Mama, now just let me outside!"

It's time to put everything away. This time the ritual is less sad with the enthusiasm of the little ones... they seem to know that more good things are to come soon. #xmasisover #familylife #positivity