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James Cho  UC Berkeley '16 • Powerlifter • Singer @ribbonintheskymusic • Writer • Activist ✌️


Comp squat:
495, 545, 585x1 (pr)
Looking to hit that 600 squat in two weeks 😈
@jralicdan #usapl #summershowdown #prometheusstrength

2 ct pause bench:
360x1 (not quite 2 seconds, but huge pr)
Close grip
@jralicdan #powerbelly #summershowdown #usapl #prometheusstrength

Comp squat:
515x1, 545x1 565x1
@jralicdan #prometheusstrength #usapl #summershowdown

Skwaaaats 🍑
Comp squat:
1x2 @475
3x2 @495
1x2 @515
1x2 @530 (pr)
High bar:
5x3 @450 .
#usapl #summershowdown #prometheusstrength @jralicdan

Low bar squats:
6x3 @450
1x8 @450 (probably 2 left in the tank)
High bar squats:
5x4 @420 .
#prometheusstrength #summershowdown #usapl @jralicdan @manuesley @merrbertt

2 second pause bench:
7x3 @255
1x3 @275
1x3 @290
1x3 @315 (pr)
Comin for you @jralicdan
Thanks for the spot doggie @j.yu92
#usapl #summershowdown #prometheusstrength

Took a week off cuz of nagging ankle pain but @jralicdan got me doing some ankle drills so I'm ready to kill this meet prep. Starting off strong with a 425 amrap of 8 high bar after 8x3. Best low bar with this weight is 10
@merrbertt @berkeleybarbellclub
#prometheusstrength #summershowdown #usapl

Today's bench:
10x3 @255 comp
5x5 @235 close grip
4x8 @225 incline
#prometheusstrength #summershowdown #usapl

@jralicdan said the goal was for this walk out to feel "light as shit on my back". It was so light I decided to sit down and stand back up with it lol.
Yolo pr with 550 🤗

Woke up early to train before work and killed this 8x4 @440

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