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Maria Nicole Denolo  À vaillant coeur rien d’impossible. 1 Thes 5:11 3rd year medical student creating history.🔥💉 Visit my blog ✍️ Student Doctor Diary 🎒


"Everything has led to this moment, to where we stand now." 🔥

Within the hearts of fellow fighters
It began as a dream-
A spark-
Which ignited into flames
Flames which cannot be doused-
Eager to spread
Eager to be passed on

With comrades by my side
Together we take each step
Together we will finish this journey
A journey which began
As individual hopes and dreams,
A collective goal


am no longer alone. #Together2019 #Thisis2019

"Of this be sure: you do not find a happy life, you make it ~ with food." 💕

"As you open this letter, you may have just received the news that you’re finally accepted into medical school. You could not contain your excitement because you’re finally seeing the beginning of a dream."

Bec of my inconsistency of not uploading regularly (overloaded as always of med and many other things) I thought this content will fail to empower as many as it can. But it never fails to surprise me, that again, bec. of your unwavering support, this latest collab reached thousands! TYSM❤️ Your DMs and remarks will always be my motivation to continue finding ways to be an instrument of inspiration. 💖🙇

This is my biggest collaboration yet, ft. the latest board topnotchers of Physician Licensure Exam 2017. I wanted to let everyone of us, have a closer look on the minds of these amazing people. If you haven't seen yet, definitely check it out #ontheblog #linkonmybio. Tag and inspire your friends! 💕

There's a lot I'm taking with me from 2017. Memories that will last a lifetime 💭, friendships that cannot ever be replaced 👯, and more knowledge than I thought was possible to obtain 🙇🏻‍♀️. I experienced some of my biggest accomplishments and some of my greatest failures, but I wouldn't change any of it. To my med-constants, thank you for always being there for me when I needed you 🤝. To my preceptors and professors, thank you for teaching me whatever you could 🙏🏼.To my friends and family, thank you for all of your love and support 💪🏼. And to my classmates and everyone else I met along the way, thank you for helping me get to where I am now; I couldn't have done this without you, we couldn't have done this without the help of each other 🤗. The last three years of my life not only shaped me into a better future physician, but also into a better human 💁🏻. I'm excited for what the next chapter holds, together with my batchmates, I know it's gonna be a great year. #Eleva18 na!! ❤️

"There comes a day when you're gonna look around and realize happiness is where you are." - It is not what this photo portrays, but it is how I felt when we as a batch, bec of the production was brought into one. Truly, happiness is where you are.✨✨ Short but sweet, thank you for capturing this @medlenses @jnjzlfshzlmnzl 😂😋 #Together2019 #Moana

#Microblogmas✨ This holiday season has been one of the most memorable and most impactful for me: 🎄 Adopted-A-Ward on the children’s hospital floor to give gifts to the most incredible pediatric patients (their wide eye-smiles took my heart away). 🎄 Ticked off my bucket list and finally joined Medsounds. 😜 Sang holiday's national anthem, Mariah's "All I want for Christmas is you" with my mean girls. 💕 🎄 Had a lot of fun on our batch's victory party. 💃💃 🎄 Spending quality time with my family.💖 🎄 Continually in awe of my friends who just exude loyalty (3 in 1 pack) haha.😂 🎄 Meeting new people (doctors, batchmates, and schoolmates) every day that uniquely touch my life, ❤, and mind. 🎄 Inching my way closer and closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a doctor (but, cardio module evals first). 😂 🎄 Celebrated friendship, love, and solidarity. ●

What is your favorite holiday memory that you’ve made  so far? I hope everyone has been enjoying the season, kahit may duty or evals! 😂 Spread the cheer❣️ #damingtimeseries #ToClerkship #chloramphenicolemd

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.✨ - true beautiful reminder from my fave heroine tita, Marie Curie. 😘❤️❤️

Still on a cloud called twenty-9-teen. 😊🌤🌤 #onceuponatime #JFT2017 #together2019 #moana #dlshsi

It is surreal to imagine that while I am one more semester till clerkship, there are girls and boys that do not have the same privileges as I do. I want myself to be reminded, that while I'm complaining about how hard the exams are getting, others are battling for basic needs. While I am in my cozy lecture auditorium, others are traveling far and wide across dangerous remote landscapes, just to go to school. We have complained and ranted so much, that we tend to forget about how much we are fortunate. I have heard my parent's stories during their time, about how hard it was for them to go to school. We all see it in our country, where boys and girls are forced to beg for money instead of knowledge; to work for food, and not self development. And it saddens me that life can be so unfair. So no, I do not take pursuing medicine lightly. I am obtaining it because I am blessed with the opportunity to get an education; to chase my dream. And I'm going to squeeze every drop of this favor and use it to become a doctor, where in one day, I can finally truly join in changing people's lives. #latenightthoughts #checkyourprivileges #roadtoclerkship 🙏✨

Study breaks be like ➡️ 12th #MedicalStudentSummit!✨✨ I will be releasing a sneak peek of #MSS2017 #Buklod and Saint Lukes Global- Radiogy Department Tour! Stay tune on my website chloramphenicolemd.com! Thank you APMC-SN for having me!! 💖💙

#Ontheblog The Irony of Learning to Save Lives, Yet Slowly Losing Ours| Medicine.

Your happy-go-lucky friend, that topnotch classmate, the gym buff, the student leader, the heartthrob. Anyone of them could be having depression. Yet they hide it because they feel as though they will be treated differently; they fear that they will be ostracized, isolated, pitied, dismissed as being dramatic or emotional. What they need from us is support and understanding.
I may sound like a broken record but it is the first step to helping someone with depression. Which is why there is a need for us to be more aware and learned on depression, and mental health issues as a whole.
Let's talk about Depression in Medicine. Full article on choramphenicolemd.com #linkonbio

#Ontheblog ✨ What is your favorite part of the library? 🤓

Mine would be the area with the big glass window facing the series of bamboo grass outside.The natural light coming from the windowpane, and the stunning 🌱 greenery, just helps me clear my mind, when I’m lost in the track of all of my transcription/notes piled up.📕📚📑 The serenity brought of that specific space helps me focus more on my study materials at hand. 😊

Checkout the New Zoning Initiative of @Rpamdlibrary #linkonmybio

"Coz we don't sing as a choir, we perform as a family." (Gamutan, 2017)

With love and gratitude, you will always be in our hearts. Maraming salamat kuya Mon! Hanggang sa muli. 🍃

🌹 Today I learned the key to survive Med is Self Love. You've fought hard, but will also fall hard many times. You will criticize yourself, and inevitably, sadness will consume you.
Anything that's worth going after is going to crash and scare the living daylight out of you, but the accomplishment of the end goal will always make it worth it.
All you need is restart believing yourself, that you can.
Sleep until it dilutes all the misery, and when you wake up, REMEMBER who you are... you are CAPABLE of more than you know, and that will change everything. 🌹

Here's to enjoying every ups and downs #SURVIV1N9 More werpa! 😂 -- #Tbt 2nd year self. Hi @breanini! 😊 📷: Multimedia team

Ciento Por Ciento Lasalyano💚💚 📷: @keielomina

"Believe and you will be unstoppable."✨✨
. ____
Art: @gerleegee 💞 #studentdoctordiary #bloggermd

We are exactly where we belong! ✨ We're all in this together #SURVIVIN9 #Doctorsof2019! 💖✨

You’re going to be put down, one way or another- sometimes your patients or their relatives will- and sometimes, you will put yourself down. And that’s completely fine. As long as you pick yourselves up and use what happened as a learning opportunity. (Clinical Clerkship Confessions, @jnjzlfshzlmnzl) .
Medicine has a way of making you question yourself EVERYTIME. But I like to remind myself that I'm one of the luckiest person alive, because I literally am LIVING my dreams. Stay dry and resilient! ☔💪
If you haven't seen the feature (part 1 of 2) yet, about three doctors on their stories during clerkship, check it out, up #ontheblog #linkonmybio. 😊
Part 2 of 2 COMING SOON. ✨✨

Yooon 🎉 first kain sa labas with R0me0natics! 😁 HBD @joslontok! ✨

#Ontheblog Checkout my movie after thoughts.
A personal review of a medical student on the movie, #BarBoys.⚖️❤️
"Dahil hindi lang lawyers ang nagsasakripisyo ng ganito katindi". IT IS MY HAPPINESS to promote and share my love for the movie, using my humble platform. Sorry if I've been flooding you guys social media since last night. Much love ✨✨

#Linkonbio Three distinct doctors on their stories, lessons they treasured the most, and things they wish they knew before clerkship. 📚🏩 .

Treat yourself with this eye-opener/highly requested content, and have a glimpse on the real life of a future doctor! 🤓
Please Share and Snail Mail this Post to Everyone on Earth You Know! Support this MedLove Advocacy. 💟

#BuhayMedisina #Medicine #Medschool #Clerkshipdiaries #Ontheblog

“Be like an arrow and its target. Calm, steady and deliberate. Bow. Arrow. Bullseye. Center is the only place to be." .
We stand in solidarity for each archer yearning for success and redemption. Aim high batch 2016! Take aim, focus on your target, draw your bow with all your might, shoot with passion and let your arrows soar! CIENTO POR SIENTO LASALYANO! 💚

#AimHighHSI #NeverShallWeFail #ANIMO #RoadtoPLE #PLE2017
Calligraphy by @samnightshade

B-roll 📷 #mirrorselfie

GG na sa evals. Putting it here too. I'm very happy to share with you, that I've moved up my small time blog, and now launching my very own website chloramphenicolemd.com. cue the tears* Para sa inyo ang upgrade na ito!! Go check out Student Doctor Diary! #linkonbio 💓🧠
Stay inspired! ✨. Recycling a not so old photo. Thanks @thetan_minator for the shot!
#studentdoctordiary #bloggermd #chloramphenicolemd

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