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Maria Nicole Denolo  À vaillant coeur rien d’impossible. 1 Thes 5:11 3rd year medical student creating history.🔥💉 Visit my blog ✍️ Student Doctor Diary 🎒


#Ontheblog ✨ What is your favorite part of the library? 🤓

Mine would be the area with the big glass window facing the series of bamboo grass outside.The natural light coming from the windowpane, and the stunning 🌱 greenery, just helps me clear my mind, when I’m lost in the track of all of my transcription/notes piled up.📕📚📑 The serenity brought of that specific space helps me focus more on my study materials at hand. 😊

Checkout the New Zoning Initiative of @Rpamdlibrary #linkonmybio

"Coz we don't sing as a choir, we perform as a family." (Gamutan, 2017)

With love and gratitude, you will always be in our hearts. Maraming salamat kuya Mon! Hanggang sa muli. 🍃

🌹 Today I learned the key to survive Med is Self Love. You've fought hard, but will also fall hard many times. You will criticize yourself, and inevitably, sadness will consume you.
Anything that's worth going after is going to crash and scare the living daylight out of you, but the accomplishment of the end goal will always make it worth it.
All you need is restart believing yourself, that you can.
Sleep until it dilutes all the misery, and when you wake up, REMEMBER who you are... you are CAPABLE of more than you know, and that will change everything. 🌹

Here's to enjoying every ups and downs #SURVIV1N9 More werpa! 😂 -- #Tbt 2nd year self. Hi @breanini! 😊 📷: Multimedia team

Ciento Por Ciento Lasalyano💚💚 📷: @keielomina

"Believe and you will be unstoppable."✨✨
. ____
Art: @gerleegee 💞 #studentdoctordiary #bloggermd

We are exactly where we belong! ✨ We're all in this together #SURVIVIN9 #Doctorsof2019! 💖✨

You’re going to be put down, one way or another- sometimes your patients or their relatives will- and sometimes, you will put yourself down. And that’s completely fine. As long as you pick yourselves up and use what happened as a learning opportunity. (Clinical Clerkship Confessions, @jnjzlfshzlmnzl) .
Medicine has a way of making you question yourself EVERYTIME. But I like to remind myself that I'm one of the luckiest person alive, because I literally am LIVING my dreams. Stay dry and resilient! ☔💪
If you haven't seen the feature (part 1 of 2) yet, about three doctors on their stories during clerkship, check it out, up #ontheblog #linkonmybio. 😊
Part 2 of 2 COMING SOON. ✨✨

Yooon 🎉 first kain sa labas with R0me0natics! 😁 HBD @joslontok! ✨

#Ontheblog Checkout my movie after thoughts.
A personal review of a medical student on the movie, #BarBoys.⚖️❤️
"Dahil hindi lang lawyers ang nagsasakripisyo ng ganito katindi". IT IS MY HAPPINESS to promote and share my love for the movie, using my humble platform. Sorry if I've been flooding you guys social media since last night. Much love ✨✨

#Linkonbio Three distinct doctors on their stories, lessons they treasured the most, and things they wish they knew before clerkship. 📚🏩 .

Treat yourself with this eye-opener/highly requested content, and have a glimpse on the real life of a future doctor! 🤓
Please Share and Snail Mail this Post to Everyone on Earth You Know! Support this MedLove Advocacy. 💟

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“Be like an arrow and its target. Calm, steady and deliberate. Bow. Arrow. Bullseye. Center is the only place to be." .
We stand in solidarity for each archer yearning for success and redemption. Aim high batch 2016! Take aim, focus on your target, draw your bow with all your might, shoot with passion and let your arrows soar! CIENTO POR SIENTO LASALYANO! 💚

#AimHighHSI #NeverShallWeFail #ANIMO #RoadtoPLE #PLE2017
Calligraphy by @samnightshade

B-roll 📷 #mirrorselfie

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