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I knew who I was as a human being at age 14. I didn’t start growing up till I was 25. Adulthood started around 30. At 35 I realized I had to start loving myself & finally at 38 did I start doing that. Most of what I’ve gone thru has been on my own in my own head but I sure as Fck wouldn’t have gotten to this point without all the people I consider friends. That may make sense to you and it may not but it doesn’t really matter as long as it makes sense to me (& whatever odd balls understand my speak). And to everybody out there they had followed any part of my journey, DMd me, commented on a photo or even critiqued me.. thank you for helping me to be unconditionally me! *end of sappy post.
@chrismstanton 📽

Welp, I don’t think I’ve posted a workout video since 1987. So if you’ve been curious what I’ve been up to I’ve completely switched gears. I was so fcking bored with my training and had zero motivation. Came out of a slump & decided to give @thefunctionalmethod a try. I’m 5 weeks in and couldn’t be more fcking stoked.

To keep up with wishing for the warmer weather here’s another #throwie for you. Back to Florida beaches and a @savageswim life of being tan and reading books.

It’s almost that time again....I welcome you warmer weather, come hither!

All of the DNDL pride ish is dropping tomorrow morning at 9am! Make sure to head on over to @doughnutsanddeadlifts and get all of your gear. *sappy post to come soon!
#gayisokay #queerdear #OGtranny #doughnutsanddeadlifts #dndl #lgbt #gayness
Photog @chrismstanton

The look of pure annoyance from @axwel.gsd ! I love him so so much for putting up with me!
#gsd #poser #reno #tattoos

It’s windy in my room.

It’s all fun and games till someone pokes an eye out.

Let me tell you something my favorites! @sarah.alkhayyal & I agree to disagree so well it just works. Here’s another sneak peek into our work world here at @dndl.mfg .
Link in bio for full video!

Let’s do this thing!

Not filtered Vs filtered.
I don’t actually give a Fck so what the Fck ever.

I do take my PB candies very seriously. So much so I don’t realize till it’s too late.
Hear CFO @chlojonsson’s thoughts on Easter candy, as it’s very relevant to the upcoming collection (share your thoughts on her thoughts)... this is a snippet from the EGG HUNT collection video, dropping on Wednesday (the collection drops on Thursday). We have been giving you guys cool visuals with the YouTube content, and we are excited to add in some personality. 🎥 @chrismstanton @nicholasastanton

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