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Chloe's Disney Collection 👸🏼✨💖  ✨ 22, collector of #disneyplush 💗 Eeyore and Rapunzel obsessed 💜💕 🐭 @shopdisneyuk follow me! 📫 👭 Engaged to @eg_dlp 💍

As a lot of you probably saw on my story... when I was at Disneyland Paris, my Christmas bestie was there at the same time! @magicbymimi 🎅🏻🎄☃️❄️😍😊💕 I’d always wanted to meet Claudia as we’ve been talking for AGES now but I didn’t think I’d ever get to... and then we found out we’d be in DLP at the SAME TIME! It was fate 🙊😊💗 we met up right at the front of the castle (I got to meet her lovely hubby too and her adorable children hehe!!), we had a huge cuddle, lots of piccys together and she handed me a bag full of goodies which she said were for me and Esme! I didn’t look inside until we parted ways but inside the bag was ALL of these wooden hanging plaque decorations that she’d made!!! 😍😭💗💕 I’ve always admired Claudia’s work - me and Esme have purchased a few things from her in the past (I’d buy hundreds more things if my bank balance allowed me to and if I had the space in my bedroom hehe!!)... but to be gifted all of these, I was absolutely over the moon! 😭💖💕 There’s these little wooden white trees me and Esme have wanted for AGES now, we don’t have space in my bedroom for one but when we move out, we’re hoping to get one for the hallway and these plaques are going to hang on there all year round ☺️💗💕 thank you so much to @magicbymimi for being a great friend, literally one of the loveliest women I’ve had the pleasure to get to know! She has the most adorable little family too... such a great mum 😘🤗💕 and I’m so glad I’m able to have Claudia in my life. Thank you so much for making my trip extra magical by letting me come and say hi, and thank you especially for all of these! Love you lots!! 💕💕 and everyone please check out @magicbymimi - I know most of you probably follow her ALREADY 😀😘 but if you’re not... do it 💜💜✨

Hi friends 😘💕 I know I posted about Rolly yesterday but I wasn’t overly happy with the pictures as they didn’t do him justice!! So I’ve taken some more of him 🙈💗💕 copying and pasting the caption from yesterday hehe - today I received some magic mail from my bestie @lowriphillips 🎁💜 and inside was my birthday present and LOOK who it is... it’s Rolly from Puppy Dog Pals! I’ve been wanting Bingo and Rolly since they came out - but I’m just terrible and never seem to buy any new releases 🙈 as I always feel so guiltily spending money on myself when I should be saving...!!! 💗💕 but I loved these 2 as I have a Pug myself called June and I think this show is the CUTEST! We watched a few episodes whilst we were in our hotel room in Disneyland Paris and it’s such a lovely feel good show and the theme tune in the best 🎶 pup pup pup puppy dog palsssss! Hehe 🤣💖💕 I can’t believe that Lowri bought him for me for my birthday - he was apparently the last one on the shelf too! He’s got the most beautiful sparkly blue eyes, he’s SO soft and I love his red collar with the sparkly bone on and his curly tail 😍✨💕 and I also love the artwork on the tag too! I’m SO happy to have him in my collection, I need to order Bingo now so that Rolly has his friend 😍🐶🐾 thank you so much Lowri - this was such a wonderful surprise and he means so much to me because he’s from you 😘💖💕 you’re one of my longest Disney friends... I owe so much to you, you’ve been my inspiration and I’ve looked up to you even before I started collecting, and I’m still amazed that we’re friends! You’re such a sweetheart with a heart of gold and I’m so lucky to have you in my life 🤗😘💗💕 love you!! Hope you have a lovely evening everyone! 💜💗💕

Afternoon everyone 😘💕 sorry I’ve only been posting once a day (if that) these past few days... I’ve just been so busy with work 🙁😴 and I’ve been absolutely exhausted. How are you all and how has your day been? 😊💖💕 I’m still slowly getting round to uploading all of my birthday goodies hehe, and next up is another present from my sister @namelesslib 🎁💕 it’s the most gorgeous Eeyore from Walt Disney World. I have a feeling he’s super duper old - but he’s in amazing condition and he’s so fuzzy and snuggly 😍💗💕 he’s really floppy so he’s super easy to snuggle, I love the material that he’s made out of and the hair on top of his head is so cute hehe!! 💜✨ I think it’s lovely that he’s got all of these light and dark grey colours going through him too. He’s got a detachable tail with a bow on (like usual!!!)... and he’s got the most adorable eyes that look just a little bit sad, typical Eeyore 😞😢💗💕 I also love that he’s got the WDW tag on his bottom too!! I hope you all love seeing him on your feeds this afternoon... sending you love and hugs! 🤗💗✨

Good evening everyone - happy Monday 😊💕 so glad that today is over and done with hehe, I HATE Monday’s!!! Just like I’m sure a lot of you do 🙄🙈💗 why can’t it be the weekend every day of the week?! Oh well... that’s life and I guess it makes us enjoy our time off with our loved ones all the more 💜✨ I hope you’ve all had a lovely day and haven’t had to work too hard. Today was quite a busy one for me so I’m quite tired now... looking forward to having an early night tonight and fingers crossed I’ll be feeling a bit better in the morning 💗💕 today I wanted to share my birthday gifts from my amazing friend @youre_a_muggle_emily_. I still have so many birthday gifts left to get through - so sorry everyone! I’ve been slacking a bit 🙄🙈💖 I had a surprise mystery parcel turn up on the 4th and I thought what on earth could that be?!?! I should have guessed from the stickers really shouldn’t I Emily?! 😝😍✨😘 inside was the most thoughtful arrangement of goodies! And the loveliest birthday card (which I forgot to include as it’s still up on display... sorry!! 💕💕)... but there was a lovely little motivational postcard with the sweetest words on it, a colouring book with RAPUNZEL on it... my queen 💜💜✨ the most adorable stationary set... A SPARKLY PRINCESS ORNAMENT. I was going to put it up on my bedroom door but as you may have seen in my video a couple of posts back, it’s found a home on my Eeyore shelf hehe 🙊☺️💕 and the most ADORABLE little Destiny plushie! Whale sharks are my favourite animal, so I was over the moon that Emily included this for me. Like I say, these really were such thoughtful gifts and I was totally gobsmacked. I’m so lucky to have Emily in my life - she really is one of my closest and dearest friends and I love her to pieces 🤗💖💕 I’ve got her back when she needs me, and she’s always got mine when I need her. Can’t wait to see her in York fingers crossed before Christmas whenever I go up to uni to visit my sister hehe 🙊 thank you Emily for being a total sweetheart and for being YOU. You are incredible and I’m so proud of you, love you oodles!! Just like you say to me 😇😘✨💕 have a lovely evening everybody! Much love!!

Good evening everyone, hope you’ve all had a lovely day 😘💖💕 me and @eg_dlp have just gotten back from the cinema where we watched the new ant-man movie 🐜 I really enjoyed it... 😍☺️💖 carrying on with my birthday presents - here are my TWO new @theofficialpandora Disney charms! The little Eeyore was from my mum... but the Disneyland Paris castle was from my amazing fiancée Esme 😍🏰💖💕 ever since I knew about the Disneyland Paris exclusive charms when they came out months ago (the castle charm, a charm of Minnie with the Eiffel Tower, and a Walt and Mickey charm)... I had been DESPERATE to add the castle charm to my collection! 😭💕 this was before I knew we had a trip booked for August! So I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get it because it can only be bought there. But as a lot of you know, @disneylandparis is like “home” to me, and I wanted this castle charm so that I had a piece of Disneyland with me wherever I went. It’s almost always sold out in the pandora shops in Disneyland because it’s SO popular so I was over the moon when it was in stock 😭💜✨ Esme jumped at the chance to buy it for me for my birthday, along with my 6 plushies so I am SO thankful and I was absolutely spoilt rotten. And I’m so happy I received Eeyore for my birthday too from my mum, he’s super special as he was bought for me by her... and you know Eeyore is my absolute favourite! Just like with every pandora charm, they’re all so detailed, gorgeous and well made 😊💗💕 they were SO hard to photograph, this picture really doesn’t do them justice but I tried my best. Hope you all have a lovely evening ☺️💘💕

Something a little bit different from me this afternoon... but I’ve had HUNDREDS of messages over the past few months from people asking to see a video of my bedroom 😊💖💕 so here it is! I’ve always wanted to do a YouTube video where I’m in it, talking about my plushies and my bedroom and talking about how I display things, talking about what’s my favourite bit of my bedroom etc but I’m quite shy to do that!!! 😂☺️🙈💖💕 and quite honestly... I don’t have the time at the minute!! So it’s something I’d definitely love to do in the future... but for now, here’s a quick short video! 😊💗✨ it was just taken on my iPhone so I hope that the quality is ok? It’s LOADS better on my iPhone but when I upload it to Instagram, it goes all blurry 😢💔 And I hope I didn’t move too slowly or too fast...!! 🙈💖 and fingers crossed it isn’t boring or anything like that - I’ve never posted something like this on here before so I hope that you like it... and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see from me on my page or if there’s anything else you’d like me to do 👍😊💗 as I’m always welcoming of advice to make my page better 💜✨ I want to keep doing what I love but at the same time, I just want to make you all happy so if you have any suggestions just leave them below 👇 or send me a DM! Thanks everyone and I hope you like my video 🙈☺️☺️💖💕 @ittybittysuk @shopdisneyuk @disneyuk

Next up is another birthday present from my amazing sister @namelesslib... 😍☺️💕 it’s a little Eeyore plaque from @clintonsretail! I have wanted this plaque FOR AGES! Every time me and Esme have gone into town, I’ve picked it up but I’ve always left it in the shop because it was quite expensive for what it is and I just thought I didn’t REALLY need it regardless of how much I loved it. I hadn’t even told my sister I liked it or wanted it... so I was so shocked when I saw it in my bag of goodies that she gave me 🎁😀💗 she knows me so well 💕✨ it has the most adorable quote on it... “it never hurts to keep looking for sunshine” and it of course features my number 1... Eeyore 💜💕 it’s so lovely and colourful, the artwork is stunning and it’s such a heavy plaque too! I’m so happy that I own it and it makes it all the more special because it’s from my sister 👯‍♀️💗💕 feel so lucky to have a little sis - she’s made my life 10000% better since she came along. I had the best childhood thanks to her, and I know I’ll ALWAYS have 1 friend - first my sister, second my friend 😘💗💕 she’s always there for me when I need her and I love her loads!! Do any of you have little sisters too? 🤗😊💗💕

Hi everyone 😀💖💕 happy Friday! I hope that you’re all ok and having a lovely morning so far?! I’m so happy today because I don’t have too much work on today - so I’m off to the beach this afternoon with some of my family, Esme and my friend who I’ve known since I was born hehe! And I’m OFF WORK ALL WEEKEND! I actually can’t believe it 🎉😊💗 I’m so happy I could cry hehe! So on Sunday me and Esme are off to the cinema to watch the new Antman movie and I’m really looking forward to it (just because of the tasty nachos the cinema does of course 😍😋😂💕). Carrying on with the theme are some more of my birthday presents... Sebastian was from my amazing sister @namelesslib and Flounder was another present from @lucysroomtoys! Photo credit to @eg_dlp as she kindly took these whilst I was working hehe 📷💗 I was OVER THE MOON to receive the both of these from 2 special women in my life hehe 😘😊💗 I’ve been wanting these two plushies for such a long time but they’re just always ones I’ve not wanted to spend a lot of money on and I DETEST paying postage! So I’ve been hoping to come across them at carboots but I’ve not had any luck! So these were the best birthday presents EVER 😍🎁☺️💜 as you can see they’re both so colourful - they’re stamped on their bums hehe! Flounder has the cutest face with the most adorable eyes and smile... and I love Sebastian’s BIG grin! Crazy eyes 😂 and I love this version of him because he’s so much better than the one currently sold at the Disney Store! He’s much bigger and much more detailed... like the effect that’s on his claws/grabbers! It’s all shiny and sparkly 🦀😍😊✨ thank you so much to my sister Bert and my amazing friend Lucy for such incredible gifts. Love you both SO much 💗💕💕

Next up is another one of my birthday presents and it happens to be from the amazing Lucy from @lucysroomtoys! I didn’t think she could top the presents she bought me last year... but she did and I’m SO thankful for each and every item she bought me 😭😍🎁💖💕 as a lot of you will probably know - I totally love Lucy hehe! She truly is one of the bestest and greatest friends that I’ve been lucky enough to meet through this community and I am BEYOND LUCKY to have her in my life! 😊💗💕 as I said on one of my previous posts about her, she truly is the loveliest person in this community and she’s got a heart of gold. She is so kind to EVERYONE, she puts everyone first and she goes above and beyond to make people happy. She’s always there if you need her with the best advice and she’s just a superstar 🌟💖💕 so if you don’t follow her, then please do because I promise she’ll brighten up your life, just like she’s done for me 😘🤗💜✨ but!! LOOK AT THIS EEYORE! Ahhh 😍😍 he’s actually one I’ve seen before and I fell in love with him... so I couldn’t believe my luck when I unwrapped him. He’s absolutely HUGE and I can’t even describe how soft and fluffy he is 😍💗✨ he’s so heavy too and full of beans which shows how well made he is, and he’s stamped on the inside of his foot! He’s such a rich dark plush colour but has the most adorable pink ears and the cutest tuft of hair on his head hehe! And I just can’t get over how cute he looks snuggling the little teddy bear in his arms 🐻💖💕 thank you so much @lucysroomtoys for surprising me with this gorgeous Eeyore (and all of my other goodies which will have their own separate posts later on hehe!! I have SO much left to get through 🤣 but this guy deserved his own post 💕💕). I love him ALMOST as much as I love you 😉😘💖💗

Good morning everyone! 😊💕 hope that you’re all ok and having a nice morning so far - it’s almost the weekend, yippee! 🎉☺️💗 we can do it... hehe! As I’ve now gotten through all of the plush that I bought in Disneyland Paris... I wanted to move onto my BIRTHDAY PRESENTS! I have quite a lot of Disney bits to get through so please bear with me 😂🙈💗💕 first up I wanted to share my huge Arlo! I love The Good Dinosaur and I’ve been wanting the large Arlo for SUCH a long time! And Esme’s parents got him for me for my birthday - so he’s extra special to me 🤗😍💕 I love his bright green colour, he’s got the longest tail and neck, the tiniest little head and the roundest chubby body hehe! Eeeek 😍😍✨ he’s also got the sweetest little dangly legs and the most adorable big round feet! I love his sweet eyes, little nose, his freckles on his face and his smile 😊💗🦕 he truly is one of the sweetest plush I own and I just love Arlo as a character in general... he is ADORABLE! Thank you so much to Mark and Elaine for getting him for me 😊👍💗💕 hope that you all have a great day everybody - don’t work too hard 💜💕✨

Good afternoon! I’m just at home getting ready for my meeting tonight at 6:30pm... wish me luck!!! 😊💖💕 I’ve been really naughty for dinner tonight and we’ve had McDonald’s - I’m really struggling to get back into my diet after holiday. I lost so much weight before holiday but I put a lot back on whilst we were away so it’s making me feel so crappy 😔💗 but I can do it... I just need to get back into the mindset and get motivated again hehe!! 👍💜✨ today I’m sharing my LAST plush from Disneyland Paris that Esme bought for me for my birthday... and a lot of you will know it’s the one I wanted the most! I spoke to SO many people asking if they’d seen it anywhere and I had mixed responses! 🙈💕 lots of people said it wasn’t there anymore and then others said it was! My amazing friend @saradisneygirl sent me pictures of it for sale there the week before I went... so I KNEW it was there 😀😍💖💕 but I was so worried it would be gone by the time I went as plush come and go so quickly at Disneyland Paris! I wish you could have seen my face when I walked into World of Disney and saw it 😂😊💗 it’s Mrs Jumbo and baby Dumbo! I absolutely love this plush with all of my heart and I’m SO happy that I was able to get it 🤗💕 it’s the most stunning plush I own, it’s just absolutely gorgeous and so detailed and the pastel colours are just beautiful and oh I just love it so much 😭😍💗 it was so hard to photograph so I’ve done the best job that I could...! Hope you all have a lovely afternoon friends 😘☺️💗✨

Morning everyone! Hope you’re all ok 😊💖💕 for some reason I keep waking up with REALLY bad backache since we’ve gotten home and back into our own bed... and that never happens! I don’t know if I need a new pillow or if it’s because I’m sleeping in really weird positions because I’m so hot and uncomfortable 🙈💖💕 anyway - gosh all I seem to do is moan at the minute, I’m so sorry 😭💗 next up to share with you is another new plush from Disneyland Paris! You probably all knew this was coming because I couldn’t have Oswald without Ortensia could I?! 😉😛💕 she is SO cute!!!! I love her happy little face, adorable ears, lovely long tail, cute little hands and fingers and I’m in love with her green outfit! Her skirt is so cute but what’s even cuter is her little green hat with the flower poking out the top of it 😂😍💚 just like with Oswald, I couldn’t believe that they still had Fandaze merch for sale! I thought it would have all been sold out, and I also thought it was just exclusive to that night... so yeah I was really happy to see it all there 🙊😊💗 I hope that you all have a lovely day everybody! Sending lots of love to you all - it’s meant to be a lot cooler here today so I hope that it’ll be the same for wherever you are... it’s been too hot hasn’t it?!?! 😅💗💜💕

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