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chlo chlo  SYD 🌏 21✨ Jesse ❤️ sc: chloe_little

HAPPY because in January I get to start my role/project in recruitment that aims to increase Uniting’s Aboriginal staff delivering National Disability Insurance Scheme services (if you don’t know what this is look it up it’s amazing) ✨

happy (early) birthday to my sugar plum beffffffff ✨ I hope you had a lovely night, please enjoy these funny pics 🥂 I love you always my bestie, my heart and my soul 🌟

You just can’t fake real friends. I am learning to appreciate the beautiful souls that bring so much light and joy into my life, you know who you are, I love you x

I hate myself oops

awww as if this isn’t the cutest damn thing you ever did see 🐶💓

A solid six months ago you caught my eye and I haven’t looked back since.
I say it a lot but I really love this guy, he does just about anything for me no questions asked, he is my best friend and my soul mate. And I honestly feel so lucky to have found a person like him, who grounds me and helps me grow everyday.
I love you, my partner, my best friend and my whole heart 💕

I am so so lucky ✨

ilyyyyy xx

reminiscin’ @ivhq

well well well would you looky here


last night my poor baby had a seizure, pleased to inform you that lil boo boo is fine and well all back to his usual self BUT DID YOU KNOW you shouldn’t put your face or body near a dog during or after a seizure because they have tendencies to latch on with their teeth so be careful plzzzz bc the first thing I would have done was craddled my little man to comfort him but this is a big NO NO

can’t believe dis would be our last chance to get groovy to mac miller, so saddds

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