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Chloe  6-year-old domestic short hair

The only kind of drawings I do these days. πŸ‘‹ πŸ‘‹ 🎨

An update on my avocado plant πŸ₯‘ 🌱: it got knocked over by accident two weeks ago and I thought it wasn’t going to surviveπŸ™, but hey it did! Almost looking as healthy as before, enjoying some light Sydney rain. Behind it, there is a misplaced papaya tree, and nearby I’m waiting some devil 🌢 to sprout.
#garden #avocado

Look this cutie has eyebrows!
This is the anterior part of a nereis(a kind of marine πŸ› ) plus the first segments of its body, under πŸ”¬ (4x). The little legs on the side (parapodia) help with support and locomotion, and on the legs there are bristles.
Most worms are not very cute, and some of the parasitic ones are quite disturbing. But occasionally I get ones like this that just make me chuckle.

#nereis #annelida

This big boy taking me to somewhere cool
#bluegrouper #freediving

Jellyfish in the moon
#jellyfish #cnidaria #obelia #microscope

My porifera (sponge) bookmarks - I found the perfect thing to do when procrastinating -> making stationery! πŸ“πŸ”–
#sponge #art #bookmark

Art or a bit of eucalyptus leaf under the microscope @100x ? #microscope #tree #botany #art

a baby saltwater crocodile. I never thought crocodiles would be this cute!
In the next many decades this boy will likely to grow into a 6-meter long predator with a bite force of up to 16,460 newtons.

So I planted some random stuff here a while back and now they are all thriving!

Was practicing freediving with @elizacreech and @roukell off Shelly beach yesterday when a patrol boat drove pass shouting β€œSharks! Sharks!” I never swam that fast in my life πŸ˜‚!!!
photo by @roukell

Best valentine present ever: a dive day to visit/annoy my friends underwater 🐟 🐠 #freediving

Here’s a seal through my binoculars.
#seal #weddellseal

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