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Chloé Kohanski  Very emotional girl

not sure I fit in here but at least the music is good !!!

socially awkward @ coachella last night

what cities are the rowdiest cities to play shows in? would u wear an emotional girl t-shirt if I made one? Do u cry when u hear a really good song? do u ever get paranoid that ppl might steal the ideas in ur phone? On my way back to LA 🥀

I’m going to be really honest and transparent with u... the past few months have literally been insane. I just wanted to walk away from The Voice with at least a few new fans... so I can’t explain to you how wildly unprepared I am for all of this. But I can promise you that I’m working very hard. Since December, I’ve been pushed in ways I’ve never experienced before. I am dealing with pressures and stresses I didn’t even know existed. I have so many dreams.... BIG dreams... (I have a notebook with how I want the lights on my first tour) I’m trying to create a sound that will be unlike anything else. Something old, something new. Most importantly music that makes you FEEL. I know you guys want new music. I know you are expecting something by now... but just hold on a little bit longer!! I promise it will be worth the wait. I can’t wait to travel to your cities and cry/dance together!! I can’t wait to meet all of you and maybe get the chance to be friends. I truly can’t thank you enough for supporting me on this journey. Thank you for changing my life! xx chloe

Spent the past month in Los Angeles writing songs for you

Starting over

everytime I look @ this pic I scream


Back in LA! I’ll be writing and recording (yay) and hanging out here for a month or so ❤️ Any places I should go/see?? Anything you guys would like to see from me in particular? Better ways to stay connected? Random ideas? How was your day? I’m all ears :-)

comment what picture is your current “mood” mine is definitely third pic on third row lol it’s Saturday night let’s boogie

I wanna be your rock n roll girl

currently at a loss for words... thank you thank you thank you. for everything. @nbcthevoice changed my life forever.

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