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Chloe Corcoran  Real is raw👑

My balance definitely was not as good as I thought

Been a while

Another year another win🏆

took a lot of thinking to post but decided to just do something different the first 3 pictures are pictures of a vulnerable part of me a part a few months ago i wouldn’t dare show anybody these pictures in fear of judgment but i see the beauty in it now, i really felt alone at the time and want to reach out to people who may be feeling the same or who may be at a low point for a different reason. I think with instagram nowadays real life and real struggles are hidden, not told or plastered over with these pictures us looking our best yes we’re all guilty....i am too, because who’s gonna post about a struggle right? Well i decided to do something different. We forget sometimes how much pressure it puts on are generation as if growing up isn’t hard enough?!?! We have this constant ‘live up to perfection’ and i cant buy it anymore. I didn’t believe it at the time but this was the real me -my skin broke out badly i felt so insecure i was afraid to leave me house terrified if anyone didn’t meet my eyes when they talked that they were looking at my skin, i refused to look in mirrors passing by any in fear of bursting out in to tears.To my close friends and family who knew me best i apologies for not listening to you because i know you tried to reach out!! that instead i spent countless days extremely upset over how ugly i felt, it didn’t feel like me in fact what i didn’t realize was all i had to do was just look past what i saw in the are not what looks back at you in the mirror but the person inside, thats what really matters- the things you love/hate your passions your dreams your opinions thats who you really are not your skin or your body its a part of you but its not who you are if you don’t let it be. Oh how i wish i had of believed that sooner to save my from beating myself up over something so small yet i became obsessed and let it completely take over me. I know you’ve seen and heard it before because i know i have too but actually try to believe it because the day you do will be the day you wish you could turn back the clock and look past it all because i know i do. REAL IS RAW

It would help if i liked wearing jewelry

Classic chloe =tweet material #thanksforthatone



Couldn’t ask for a better bestie @kocttk👸🏼👸🏽

No idea what i was doing but MOOD💃🏼💃🏼 #deletedposts #longitude2018

Me realising my bottoms were a different colour red to my top

Try say we all look the same

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