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Clo  I’m a Gemini it explains so much

The best frand 🥀✨

Shoutout to this gem for getting me home safe after I was so fucked up and hit my head so hard on the concrete while everyone was eating there kebabs and chips and a British guy for touching my head “woah that’s a big bump” 💖💎

Ok so I’m usually a very happy person but I am done. This guy I recently found an interest in had done nothing but try and change the person I am and I’ve still always tried to be like I’ll give it a chance but enough Is enough I go out and drink it’s wrong. I have guy friends it’s wrong. I work with someone at work it’s wrong. I seem to be doing everything wrong in this guys book I tell him to shut up I END UP WITH MY TOP GUMS BLEEDING . I’m a very strong independent person and this whole situation has dragged me down and my heart is just drained I didn’t ask for a guy to come around and try and control me so the single life it is I’ll drink when I want. I will go out with who I want. I will work with who I want and I will tell whoever I want to shut up when I want and not end up with bleeding gums and if you don’t like it sweet I don’t care x I hope you’re embarrassed you piece of shit cause I’m embarrassed that I even tried to give u a chance after red flags

Best Believe Your Man Sent Me This

No caption needed were all thinking the same thing 😉🤫🔥🔥😍

I think it was called tutti fruiti or something I don’t know I don’t remember and I only juSt took the photo and got the cocktail smh I hate myself

Tattoos will forever be a love of mine 😍☠️✨

I’m starting to see a common trend in all my boyfriends TATTOOS ❤️😩☠️

Dig dirt on bitches do it for fun ✨❤️

My boyfriend is hotter than yours 💞

Spent the night with people who are actually so special no one was missed 💞

Happy new year babies 🥂

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