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20  🌞 sag sun ~ capricorn moon ~ capricorn rising 🌞

Hi friends !!! So a break from the Paris posts (which will commence again bc everything was so pretty) (actually this was taken in the Louvre lmao I’m lying). ANYWAY I have been ish quiet about it for me bUT I’m very very happy to say I’m going 2 Nepal volunteering for 3 months at the end of May to help children with their education !!! Lol finally doing what I left college saying I’d do !!! Anyway the trips all funded but I am doing some fundraising for the charity who run this projects n similar projects in less advantaged communities around the world, so they can continue with these projects n helping lots of people !☺️☺️ im gonna do some stuff to fundraise (so far decided on a car boot but I will be doing other stuff n keep u updated I have justbeen mega busy recently but now all my big plans are out of the way this is my priority) but yes I’ll leave a justgiving page link in my bio in case anyway wants 2 help out or just throw a couple of pounds in here n there !! Every little helps thank uuuu💕💕💕💕 counting down the days !!💕💕💕

My favourite lil mini break yet !!! Thanks Paris for being so beautiful n full of so many museums for me to find amusement in💖💖💖

Can confirm the rules for the Catacombes r written by both ghosts n demons to avoid them being spotted when it is in fact the highest layer of their underworld 💀👻 also thank u to Noé for being my tour guide 2day n having patience w my accent n walking a very long way bc I don’t like the subway :-)))

I went to the Louvre today in case u didn’t guess from my story. Also bought a 10/10 actual real life gargoyle for 20 euros. I really love my life

Happy Valentine’s Day 2 the number 1 most important person in my life & ultimately the Nobody can top u💖 Sugar plum honey drop, u know that I love u x <3 x

Quite furious that meg was blessed with a natural Amazonian woman figure n naturally powerful skull crushing legs n not ones that require 10 thousand slices of potato to even have the strength to crush a grape. She’s also 7 years younger than me n 3 times my height, physically I am the runt of the family but mentally I am the alpha ruler

I am not actually nude despite appearing it, HOWEVER I am pretending I am as practice for my inevitable future as a naturist living in a funky lil yurt in the middle of a thriving forest after defeating the evil that is capitalism with my army of stray animals. The smaller details r yet to planned 🌳🌿🍃🌺🌸🌻

Be smart n wrap up in this -3 degree weather like Dorothy. She’s such a precious soul, she’s just a ball of fat who likes making her bed and occasionally saying hello 2 u!!!!! Love u w all my heart u old woman 💘💕💖💗💞💝💘💕💖💗💞💝

Feeling lost without my amethyst crystal necklace I rllllyyy need 2 buy a new cord so I can b complete and whole again. Bought a blue fluorite to keep me going in the mean time bc I am the biggest procrastinator in the world ???????

EMPOWERING MAKES US STRONGER 🐶🌈✨ (I had the most stressful icky week last week so the fact I got some £50 jeans for £12 and this absolute GEM for £6 makes up for it, also found ANOTHER Mika album I didn’t know existed so we off to a good start)

we (me n my brain) haven’t spent January/Capricorn season decaying like we normally do !! thrivin n excited for Aquarius season u weird lil fucks x :) <3 x

Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie ???

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