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Chloe Maria Peña  Raised beneath the shade of una palma || Forever blooming 📍305 🇺🇸🇨🇺🇧🇸 @vouschurch

I like this pic like I love these peeps

Can someone caption this for me? Thx🖖🏼

Me & P, lost in Homestead 💕

Derpiest kids on the island 🌴🤷🏼‍♀️ #favorites

I know God lives everywhere... but I bet you he spends a lot a time here

I’m the most “me” when I’m here. I read a lot, paint a lot, write a lot, pray a lot, dance a lot, mingle a lot, talk business a lot, get inspired a lot.. I’m barefoot pretty much the entire time & I wear ZERO makeup out here. A lot of my heart gets poured out into my friends & fam on this island but not to worry, it gets refilled just as fast. It’s almost indescribable, definitely irreplaceable. It’s really special. It’s my escondido.
. . .
Honest truth? The next person I actually invite out here will have to be my husband lol. Home is wayyyyy too special to me & let’s not forget that there are 659 other beautifulllll islands in the Bahamas sooooo... happy traveling! 🙂🙃

Honestly, I was forced to post this third picture solely based on the aesthetic goodness it would bring to the row 🤷🏼‍♀️

Switched seats & embraced the wind; ain’t that a good analogy for life

I know I’m home when my hair does whatever it wants

Just a glimpse of the two months that changed my life forever. Put all the ‘skills’ learned aside... the SHIFT that happened in my mind/heart/soul is beyond words. I’m a different woman 😭 From having church at @livmiami, to packing out @fillmoremb for the last time, to leadership classes, theology classes, taking more notes & reading more books than I’ve ever read in my life (in a 2 month time frame) lol.. from belly laughs to tough conversations and everythingggggg in between. Not kidding when I say that my life is forever changed because of this internship. Best instructors, best friends, best experience! #thankful #vousternship

I wish it was cold so I could pull this outfit out/ I have no idea where these earrings are & I’m upset about it/ I miss my San Fran fam #thatsall

Happy birthday, America! I will never give up on this beautiful country that my family fought so hard to be a part of. If you couldn’t tell by my IG story, this is easilyyyy one of my favorite holidays, like, ever 🇺🇸 #foreverinpeaceMAYYOUWAVE #inGODwetrust

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