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We’re leaving early due to the snow storm RIP hope the plane doesn’t crash bcs of the snow

Y’all are dumb for freaking tf out over the “deer zombie disease” smh
1. It’s not even a zombie disease... deer/elk with CWD are just disoriented and in some cases, severely underweight??
2. They won’t attack u?? CWD is spread via bodily fluids, so here’s an idea: leave deer the HECC alone and you won’t get the “”zombie disease””
3. We aren’t even sure if humans can get it!!! There have been ZERO recorded cases of CWD in humans!! PLEASE STOP PUTTING THIS BS ALL OVER MY FEED!!! It’s annoying af!!!!!!

Y’all Phoenix is literally so ugly so I can’t post any pictures because I didn’t take any
So have some pics I took on the way out of SF instead

I may be a sad human being but at least I’m not the guy who comments “overwatch is a dying game” on every post they see.. like I get it, it’s dying, we all know that, I’m just trying to ride this wave into the sunset yk

it’s hecking cold (나는 내 엉덩이를 얼어 버렸다)

I lack the ability to look into a camera

New glasses + Ana on total mayhem is an actual god

🤠👊 lmao

Extra hot 😩

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