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💫 Chiquita Brujita 💫  🔻🔺Founder, #BrooklynBrujeria🔺🔻 🔹🔹Candle Pusher + Event Producer🔸🔸 🕯🗡Your favorite Bruja's favorite Brujita.


When you explain the connection between your roommate's inherited Polish Grandmother's favorite Our Lady of Częstochowa and Erzulie Dantor, fierce and revered Iwa of Haiti, to her mama and it's lit. •

#altaronfleek #blackmadonna #erzulie #vodou #sacredshit #brooklynbrujeria #glittervirgin #ourladyofchestochowa #veryblack #santa

❣I love my #brujaarmy. •

Thank you to @dreeemy and all the amazing vendors and performers and friends and lovers who rolled through to hold such beautiful space for exploration and community at last night's @collective.bae anniversary. And to young Bruja Lucy who copped this jacket and made my night with her excitement over my tings- extra glitter to you prima! Women are so wonderful. So so so wonderful. Always. Ashe ✨ •

#brooklynbrujeria x #collectivebae

I have one more jacket. Slide into my DMs if its meant to be yours ✨💛

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✨💛 TONIGHT! Honored to be joining las divinas of @collective.bae to celebrate a year of art, activism, magic, music, and femme-led spaces and creation. I'll be in the mix with candles, fortunes, and a dance moment so I can run back my white fringe from the #holyspectacle performance at @brooklynmuseum. 💅🏾 Come thru. •

BAE -- Because "Before Anything Else" there's you. ✨💛
#brooklynbrujeria x #collectivebae

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." Audre Lorde

#repost from la divina @thetrapwitch

Thrilled to welcome @maharosenyc to the #BrooklynBrujeria retail family 💫🌙

#aboutlastnight aka, Performance art in times of chaos. ✨

❣All of the love to la familia behind @little.cinema + @houseofyesnyc for the healing of the #holyspectacle last night. There are so many terrible moments in our realities, but I am blessed to create more magical ones than most. And for that I am eternally grateful. ❣🔮

#thealchemist x #chiquitabrujita #theholymountain #brooklynbrujeria

I'm not feeling well today so reverse psychology, here is a photo of this unknown beautiful spirit having the absolute best time at our @ministeriodelaparranda at the @brooklynmuseum this past Saturday night. 🔮💜#NOTOVERIT #BLACKJOYMATTERS #THANKYOUGEKOJONES

Also Cali is burning, and the earth is shaking, but what's happening in Puerto Rico is blood on the hands of a complacent government willing to sacrifice the lives of the poor in service of Capitalism. As always. Anyway, yea, I'm out here trying to maintain but it's still pretty much all I can think about. #defendpr www.Mariafund.org 📸: @newvisualcollective

There are moments when joy is resistance. Co-hosting #beyondborders at @brooklynmuseum with @gekojones this past Saturday was absolutely one of them. ❣

On this #indiginouspeoplesday, I would like to express endless gratitude to the beautiful diverse familia that made this happen. ✨🌐 To @lulustrings + @okaimusik of @stringsnskins for opening our dancefloor with drums and aché, to @nittyscottmc for rapping to Sarah Baartman (among many other amazing highlights), to MC @djbignito for bringing all the energy of the Panamanian parade into the atrium, to @richrich9 @bobbyalbanez @djbembona + @chiefjohnnybravo for dancing full out all night long, to @maatmoon @bonafiderojas @ilelaserrana + @mdlcomics for sharing magical revolutionary art, to @hazaels for being here from DF to see what happens on the other side of our flyers, to all the magicians of @little.cinema for making #theholyspectacle and letting me choreograph a tarot experience, to @nylatinofilmfestival for sharing a beautiful short film, to @_eye9eye for being my right and left hand + and of course, to @newvisualcollective for capturing it all so beautifully (as always.) •

And to everyone who donated cash and goods and thoughtful prayers to support relief efforts in PR, gracias. Whether $1 or $1,000, your donations show the world is watching. ❣🇵🇷🙏🏾

#brooklynbrujeria x #brooklynmuseum 📸: All photos via Rex + Mario for @newvisualcollective

Dress rehearsal. •

Join me tomorrow evening for First Saturday's at @brooklynmuseum where I will be pulling a magic trick of participation in both @little.cinema's immersive screening of #theholymountain (7pm),+ co-hosting in the atrium with @gekojones (8pm) as we raise funds to #defendpr. 🇵🇷

Special guests @nittyscottmc + @djbignito will be joining us on stage along with featured artists @maatmoon @mdlcomics @ilelaserrana + las velas from #brooklynbrujeria + photos by @newvisualcollective. Come dance about it. ✨❣ •

🔊: "Ache pa ti"

💙🇵🇷TONIGHT - the community is organizing to #defendPR. First up- Los DJs de @apartycalledrosieperez have been non-stop and secured a donor to help turn your $10 into $50 or your $20 into $100. #moneymoves

Late night heading to Brooklyn w/ las poderosas @djbembona and @ojos_nebulosos as they raise funds and vibes in support of local Puerto Rican resistance and organizing efforts through el Campamento Contra La Junta. •


I have been inconsolable. Facism hurts. But then last night my mother Maria told me that my late abuela Maria was born in the midst of the last storm of this intensity to hit Puerto Rico. I was flooded with a sense of all the things my bloodlines have already survived, all the more we have coming, and all the strength and joy we are going to continue to manifest as we resist the forces that seek to strip us of our humanity. Ashe.✨

Please join me this Saturday at 8pm as I co-host @brooklynmuseum first Saturdays with @gekojones and special guests @nittyscottmc + @djbignito as a tribute to the resiliency and power of the global Latinx community. •

In addition to our bembe in the atrium, at 7pm the @nylatinofilmfestival + @little.cinema will be presenting an immersive screening of Alejandro Jodorwsky's legendary surrealist critique of capitalist life - The Holy Mountain. •

The event is free but we will be collecting donations to #defendpr. Please bring what you can. Offerings of cash are preferred but art and medical supplies are welcome too. 🇵🇷

#puertoricoselevanta #palante #brooklynbrujeria 🎥:: @jonagua

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