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💫 Chiquita Brujita 💫  🌙🔮🕯Founder // HBIC @brooklynbrujeria 🌻⚔"I love myself when I am laughing...and then again when I am looking mean and impressive." Zora Neale Hurston⚡️

✨🌻Today’s vibras courtesy of powerful womyn of color, the residual trauma and early positive memories that come with physically being back in a NYC public school, and of course, my @brooklynbrujeria bbs- which through magic and community continue to give me life on the daily. •

Love and gratitude to @cheyennewj, @florcyx and all of the participants of the @womenofcolorsolidarity conference for having me today. It’s been life affirming to be in community with so many bright and extremely woke hermanitas. 💛✨

🍃This is not a drug.🌱

🌬@brooklynbrujeria art prints now available via

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✊🏾Thanks to her tenacity of spirit and the unrelenting drive of community, @conmijente activista Alejandra Pablos was released on bond this week after over 40 days in ICE detention. #communityorganizing matters. •

Join us this Saturday for a fundraiser to support her ongoing legal fees so we can keep her home and continue the fight for all of the immigrants in this country that deserve to live their lives free of fear and injustice. #palantesiemprepalante

#community ❣️| BRUJAS!! Join me this weekend for two beautiful events that have been built in the fierce spirit of love and resistance // If you cannot attend, please consider a financial donation. ✨💛 👉🏾 for flyers and details!

✨On Saturday and Sunday the second annual @womenofcolorsolidarity conference is hosting a lineup of women, femmes and gender fluid POC discussing ALL of the critical things. I’m in the mix with @brooklynbrujeria on Sun. 🔮

✨On Saturday evening, I am honored to be part of a squad coming together to raise money and spirits to support the legal fight to release Alejandra, an activista and member of our community who has been detained by ICE for over a month. Sin palabras for the feelings and gratitude for those putting this together. Please RSVP for the location. •

✨Embrace your people. Show up for each other. Give love. Speak up. Organize. Build. Dance and release. Shit is crazy and #weallwegot. •

#brooklynbrujeria 📸:@davefotogram at la weekly Thursday Mad Tropi Paraiso de @zuzukapoderosa.

🌹Happy Birthday Santa Selena🌹

Saturday night at @selenaporsiemprenyc was a beautiful celebration of Selena’s life and legacy. 🌹❣️

I’m deeply honored to have been asked to make tribute candles again this year (and, as always, to have been present for the costume contest)😍🤗 All of the shouts and love to @djchela for throwing this amazing annual gathering, and to @djbembona @ladyquesa_dilla @amorprohibidobk @mariachinyc @principe_q and everyone in attendance who make this ritual so very special. ❣️🌹 N.B // My personal YES GIRL award goes to la divina @elismiles2 for making her sick ass outfit a few hours before the party, and dropping drag level lipsync + realtalk gems on the crowd. ❣️❣️❣️❣️

#quevivaselena #selenaporsiempre #comolaflor #bidibidibombom #selenaporsiemprenyc

DM for sales on the remaining first batch of #santaselena velas ❣️🌹

🙆🏾‍♀️🧜🏿‍♀️This is the most amazing Bruja moment I’ve seen in a minute. 100% here for @azealiabanks. Def offering love and magic and an open invite to come play in #brujitasworkshop with that glitter mama yessssssss.🔮🧜🏿‍♀️ •

#suchayemaya #mtvnews #muñeca

Join me at @selenaporsiemprenyc for one of my absolute favorite nights of the year. This will be my third time co-hosting @djchela’s annual celebration of the life and legacy of la reina and each year the love and community grows! 💕🌱 Come through in your best Selena fit ready to do the washing machine and try and snag ahem a PRIIIIZE (which may or may not be new @brooklynbrujeria #santaselena candles)💃🏽👑🤫🔥🌹

💫All star line up featuring GRAMMY WINNING ALL FEMALE MARIACHI Flor de Toloache (🙌🏾@mariachinyc 🙌🏾)✨ Beats by DJ familia @djchela @djbembona + @principe_q - (who is bringing that Quintanilla fire from TX to NYC 🎧)❣️🔥La Divina @ladyquesa_dilla on 🎤 hosting duties + @amorprohibidobk giving us punk Selena vibras as only they can. 🎸This is a not to be missed night of magic.🌹💫

🎟Advance tickets via la bio de @djchela 🎟

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Fam, I had to write a bio and had a lil panic. 😫 BUT THEN I STEPPED INTO MY LIGHT. ✨

💫✨UPDATES// There are a few tickets left for my altar making workshop this Tuesday, April 17th. I am honored to be hosting the evening as part of @thelivinggallery_outpost group show on altars- one of which I will be building and exhibiting in the space. 🌹Come play + share + build. •• tix in bio ••

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I spent the whole weekend giving and receiving joy and energy with powerful mujeres and now I feel like this. 💫⚡️😘🌻🔥

No pics but things that most certainly did happen include // the fangirl moment and honor of sharing a twerk with activista divina @jacqthestripper to #bodakyellow in the club on Saturday night right around the time @iamcardib popped her magnificent belly out on SNL. 🙆🏾‍♀️🔥🙌🏾🤗A beautiful fortune and moment of joy and hand performance with @eclecticother🦄🤗 // bochinche and botanical magic with @breadxbutta @ostara.apothecary, @caitlinrosesweet + @p.u.s.s.y.w.e.e.d 🌱🔮 + literally dreaming about all of the things I have brewing + how none of them involve appeasing or negotiating or tolerating porqueria, and how wonderously happy that makes me. Wooooooooooo 💫⚡️💫

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