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Chiquita Brands  Celebrating yellow, filled with brightness and fun. #ChiquitaBanana

With #ChiquitaBanana you get a sweet and fresh taste, perfect for every occasion. #foodie #tasty

Yellow is the perfect color for this #summer outfits. And #ChiquitaBanana is the ideal accessory to complete them.

Working out? A #ChiquitaBanana is the ideal energy filled snack for every kind of exercise. #workoutmotivation #doodleart #snack

With #ChiquitaBanana you’ll always please your parents!

Enjoy the traditional 4th of July BBQ with the taste of #ChiquitaBanana: it’s great on the barbecue and perfect to enjoy while watching fireworks!

Hello, visitors from outer space. #ChiquitaBanana is the best Earth has to offer. Enjoy! #WorldUFODay

A #ChiquitaBanana never goes unnoticed and its taste is always delightful.

Cooking time! Undecided between sweet and savory? Try the whole wheat Chiquita pancakes and enjoy both. Check the full recipe, link in bio! #chiquitabanana

Always in a hurry? Don’t skip meals: save time and have a #ChiquitaBanana.

How many Chiquita bananas can you spot?

#ChiquitaBanana: its’ a (happy) family affair.

Take a Chiquita banana with you everywhere for a healthy snack on the go.