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Im Looking For A Co Owner  Contact me @tori.russett if you r interested in being a co-owner

Pic cred: @jordywut ! Hey guys!!!!! I havent posted in a long time but i need a co-owner. They need to be able to post a lot. If you r interested in being a co-owner contact me @tori.russett 😊

Q-do u like carrots?

Hey guys! How is your day so far? Mine sucks.
Q- favorite adventure time character?

Dont cha just love these? My wifi is all jacked up so i wont be posting too much.
Q-what brand of shoes did u wear for most of the day?
A- converse

Yo guys! Im still doing my math project from 3 weeks ago and its due monday! Almost done though!
Q- favorite movies?
A- aquamarine, Eloise, freaky friday(with lindsay lohan) and bruce almighty!

Im reposting cause the other one didnt look too good.
Q- favorite music artists?
A- tori kelly

Who wants to play in or out? If you dont then just say no.
Q- bobs or toms?
A- toms duh

I haven't seen the movie yet and i really dont know anything about it. I just liked the blue color.
Q-hows the weather where you live?
A-LOTS of overcast!

Q- do you make a wish on 11:11?
A- ya

Follow the people tagged!
Q- have you ever stuck anything up your nose?
A-yes m&m's
This was a weird question but i feel like lots of people did it.πŸ•πŸ€βœŒ

My aunt once put glue on her lips because it smelled like artificial lemon and she thought that it was chapstickπŸ‹πŸ‹

If any of you ever have problems you can always dm meπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›βœŒ

This cat always creeped me out a lil.πŸ‘»
Q- what movie/show characters gave you the heebie-jeebies?
A- in the movie charlie and the chocolate factory the oompa loompas and mr. Wonka guy scared me.

Q- pickles or cucumbers?
A- pickles but it is very debatable

Toy story was never one of my first pics when it came to movies but once I started watching one, i couldnt stop!
Q- favorite toy story character?
A- probably mrs. Potato head! That sassy potato!🍟
I couldnt find a potato emoji so i used the next best thing!🍟🍟🍟🍟

Q- are you a twin, triplet, quadruplet ect?
A- im a twin

Q- what style is your hair today?
A- braids

Q- do you have carpet or hardwood floor in your bedroom?
A- carpet. I just recently got it put in and i didnt want to at first but it makes my room look cleaner and it isnt cold in the morning when i wake up!

I had a really bad headache today and i just wanted to dieee! I think it was because i was standing in the sunn for too long. I went to this place where people take care of wolves and it was fun until i wanted to kill the girls next to me cause they wouldnt stay still.
Q- do you want any tattoos when you're older?
A- nahhhh.

"I guess we have different definitions of livin, but you'll twist my words anyway." Can u guess the title of the song?

I am eating life cereal right meow🐱
Q/: favorite cereal?
A/: life cereal

Q/: checkers or chess?

This is sooo true.

Yo ma peeps! Waz up? The sky!
Q/: old or new spongebob?
A/: old

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