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Chips Ahoy!  Wanted to write more, but we couldn’t hear ourselves think over the sound of you chewing on a Chips Ahoy! cookie. The follow button is above.

New Chips Ahoy! Thins Double Chocolate cookies 🍪✨We pulled them out of thin air! 👐

New Cinnamon Sugar Chips Ahoy! THINS — so thin, so cinnamon, it’s a thin-cin-win-win!

New Chips Ahoy! THINS are SO THIN it’s like a joke setup — but we wouldn’t joke about this!

New Chips Ahoy! Red Velvet flavored cookies! Like a royal robe of flavor for your tongue kingdom!

New Chips Ahoy! S’mores flavored cookies are here to earn all the cookie-related merit badges!

New Chips Ahoy! Red Velvet flavored cookies are redtastically cream cheesemendously velvetacious!

New Chips Ahoy! S’mores flavored cookies! Now you have s’mless reasons not to have s’mores.

Introducing new Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy! Limited Edition cookies. Snuggle up with the rich, creamy taste of hot cocoa, no mug required. And, to make this season even more delicious, try them warm!

Introducing two new Chips Ahoy! Cookie flavors! Which one of these will you try first? #ChipsAhoyStandoff

Chips Ahoy! made with Reeses = A peanut butter lovers' dream come true. 😴💭🍪

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This split is bananas.

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