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Chips Ahoy!  Wanted to write more, but we couldn’t hear ourselves think over the sound of you chewing on a Chips Ahoy! cookie. The follow button is above.

New year, new self care routine. Would you try this honey infused cookie scrub?

Why hadn’t we thought about this indulgent pairing before?

End 2018 on a sweeeet note with Chips
Ahoy! coquito! 🍪

If they fall over and you get to eat them..did you really lose the game?

Sometimes you can’t pick which team to root for...or which Chips Ahoy! Cookies to snack on for the game.

When you leave Chips Ahoy! in the stocking, there’s always a chance the big fella will get snacky. 🎅 #SantasFavoriteCookies

Secret’s out! 🍪❗️is Santa’s favorite cookie. #factsonly

Chips Ahoy! S’mores in your s’mores. #smoresception

Cookies and milk for Santa, Cookie Coquito for you. Treat yourself with this seasonal drink.

Santa is always ready for houses that don’t leave out Chips Ahoy❗️

Sometimes Santa likes a little summer in his favorite holiday cookie.

Make sure your 🎄 is the sweetest in the neighborhood.

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