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Chinsi  Exploring all things brewed and fermented. Yeast farmer and paperwork ninja at @bombayduckbrewing🔬


Tucked away in a corner among the dusty lanes of Byculla, towering over the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood is one of Mumbai's oldest Roman Catholic churches built by the Portuguese in 1632, the Gloria Church. Spent a fun Sunday morning walking around with @alishasadikot listening to stories from the colonial past of Bombay. .
#byculla #bombay #mazgaon #churches

Oysters with cacao fruit vinegar mignonette @dandafoodproject Pod to Plate
Highlighting the natural fermentation and subsequent enzymatic breakdown a cacao fruit goes through before the chocolate making process, we attempted to make an in-house vinegar from the ripe fruit. @bigaddie and @ananditakamani managed to source some fresh pods from a farm in Kerala. The pulp was first fermented anaerobically with a hefeweizen yeast and then exposed to oxygen to let acetobacter convert the alcohol into vinegar. This was then used in a classic mignonette served with fresh oysters on the half shell.
#brewedfood #dandafoodproject #podtoplate

A kilo of ground up cocoa nibs from @masonandco_chocolate going into a 48 hour cold extraction process ahead of the dinner at @magstreetkitchen later this week. Join us @dandafoodproject for a very special evenings which takes you through the journey of cacao from pod to plate. Link in bio to reserve your spots.
#StoryOfCacao #PodToPlate #DandaFoodProject #MumbaiFoodie #FoodTalkIndia #PopupDinner


No matter how many times I've done this, its a joy every single time to wake up and find this sight. Also known to brewers as krausen, it's the tell tale sign of fermentation taking off. The traditional process of making beer involved skimming this off the top and introducing it in the successive batch, very similar to how you would make a sourdough. Infact historically, breweries and bakeries lived side-by-side and the bakers would happily grab this foam to leaven their bread as well.

All in a days work. Baking bread with @sujitsumitran, @pooh_36, @tanyak9, @slylysimple.


Last day in Kausani. Perfect ocassion to crack open a cold one with gorgeous vistas in the background. .
Frontier by Fullers, a crisp and refreshing craft lager with a light body and a soft, delicate flavor.

#craftbeer #craftlager #beerwithaview #travel #beer

Hisalu (aka golden Himalayan raspberry) is a tiny, sweet, wild berry native to the Kumaon and Garwhal regions growing on thorny shrubs in the summer months of May and June. Getting a wild edibles 101 from @pooh_36 .
#himalaya #kumaon #garhwal #wildberries #foraging #foragingforfood #wildedibles

Beer brings people together. It's the social lubricant that starts conversations, forges new friendships and helps people celebrate a passion they all have in common, our love for food. What an absolute honour it has been to be a part of the @dandafoodproject with the rockstars that are @bigaddie, @ananditakamani, @nehasumitran and @vahishta

#mhbeer #mhcraftbeer #drinklocal #beerdinner

Salt pans somewhere off the coast of Gujarat on our way back from Alang •

#WillTravelForCraftBeer #IncredibleIndia #travel #saltpans

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Snagged a couple of @whiterhinobrewingco's Lagers in Delhi this past week. This one is a crisp, refreshing Helles Lager with a delicate, subtle maltiness and little hop bitterness. Just the right beer for the warmer months ahead.

#BeerLog #WhiteRhinoBrewing #IndianCraftBeer #CraftLager

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