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Chino XL  Lyricist/ Father/Earths Student/ 🇵🇷/for bookings contact j at ✊🏽RebelArmz/✊🏽Justice league LA

Thx to @rollingstone for showing hiphop in such a positive light by covering this event , this is one of my most cherished hiphop and life experiences... the kids did so good .. full article link and kids music video in bio
Thx @hiphoparchitecture for having me and creating this ..@autodesk, my twin @jpugh ///// @lupefiasco and @fakenikkijean from my guild Sosa for making this possible
And of course my brother @techimmortal for guiding me to the best part of the revolution and myself ....
Rebel Armz up!!!

Apologies for not being able to perform “Fathers Day” Friday , the song about my daughter beating stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer ,so many asked me for it since it was fathers day weekend with half a million on Spotify with no promotion etc.. just heart to heart shares ..... but it would’ve just been too much for me with her there for the first time to see it
so I brought her out .... just as a shining example of my hero and and example to anyone fighting for there life .... with prayer and perseverance you can beat it too !!! Of course my youngest had to come out since she was in the building as well!!!! Love y’all ,
Thank you Riverside ... for holding me and my brothers up in support
And my Rebel armz always @techimmortal @bobbyboutit @spmusik @therealmrchoc @itsmarquez @poisonpenbk @eye5productions
——#RebelArmz #fuckcancer #protectenzo #lyricsstillmatter

Riverside Last night was so lit🔥 the unity so powerful!! I had to set it off in the crowd with the people ...yo !!! @techimmortal it’s gonna be 🔥🔥a Rebel Armz Summer! El Capitan !!! @poisonpenbk @spmusik @therealmrchoc @cano_bis @eye5productions @bobbyboutit @jarchbndpmusic killer shit last night !!
Thx to the family @outdahouse for the footage and ongoing support!!
Shouts @mclyfe_ 🙏🏽as well !!!

🔥Municipal auditorium arena riverside California !!!! WEAR YOUR FUCKING TIMBS if you got em!!!!!!!!! Immortal Technique Chino XL Poison Pen🔥
You have been warned !!!! June 15 tomorrow .., Rebel Armz bring the revolution to you !!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hard Body uncut Raw..... do not miss this shit!!!!! @techimmortal @chinoxl 🔥🔥🔥@poisonpenbk @bobbyboutit @spmusik @therealmrchoc

Sometimes you have to let the monster you , created by your childhood traumas , Do it’s job ... and protect the best parts of your heart and spirit ... it is at base , Survival ...

Heavy hearted , major loss , and because I’ve been there , and those of you who have Been there with me , for me and next to me , stopping me, and teaching me how to stop myself .... I thank you ,but most of all my babies thank you judgment ever mr Bourdain!! I only wish the people who love you , got to you in time , my last bout in the abyss I had some intervention right on time , and my deep want is that anyone feeling the cold hands of no longer wanting to be here , reach out to at least 1 person , or call one resource phone number , it can make all the difference to realize , it will pass ... listen I know it may come again , but each time slay that serpent with light .... and hope ...thoughts and prayers with the Bourdain family and Asia Argento ....
Anthony ...
Brother and writer ...
Rest in planes
Rest in plates
Rest in poetry....

UNITY FESTIVAL !! June 10th pull up with me and @miss_alynette and @djromes1 @bobbyboutit
at the @ventura.county.fairgrounds
All ages , food fun live performances and car show for the @hip_hop_help foundation ...enjoy being seaside ...all ages!!!
Come catch some lyricism , hiphop and cool vibes for a great cause ....

My training routine is on track again...
Back on my THANOS shit....

(Slide pix to right ) *I had an amazing time @hiphoparchitecture camp this past weekend at my original home, the Rosa Parks Educational campus in the Bronx ,NY. A middle school bridging the gap between architecture and hiphop. I helped the kids tighten up their lyrics and the following day we went to the studio to record them. The next day we shot a full blown music video. The theme was about rebuilding the community. It’s one of the finest moments I’ve had sharing my God given gift. I could never thank my brothers @immortaltech and @demics and my sis @thatgirlmystic enough for pushing me in the direction of enlightenment and bringing the revolution out of people with my pen. Also my Sosa family @lupefiasco and @fakenikkijean for linking our guild, Sosa, with @autodesk and mike ford @thehiphoparchitect , before him I had never met an architect of color 🤦🏽‍♂️
.....The ideas straight from the kids hearts to the page was incredibly priceless along with the hope it gives me for the future of my own children and the craft of lyricism I hold so dear.....
Thx to @jpugh15 and @pascalesablan 💯💯 for all the guidance and expertise they gave to the children and being amazing architects. The Principal mr. BOMAN for being a visionary. The children called him to go back to school on a Sunday to get a beat they had left. He is that committed. He is that accessible to them! Who else has hero’s like @mrchuckd_pe adorning the halls of the school !! Thx to Elias @rollingstone for covering this and being and actual journalist.....
Photos by @m.o.d.mediaproductions
#RebelArmz #S.O.S.A. #justiceleagueLA
#lyricsstillmatter #teammia

How I spent my Tuesday night.....
God is good🙏🏽 I have survived a little bit of everything crazy at this point .....we were on the runway but it still like WTF?!!
The fuel is so flammable, you can’t have this shit happening .... even on this kinda minor level , it’s major .... learn how to fly Delta!!!!

Rocking out in Long Beach Thursday night , 1933 E,7th street .... celebrating one of my favorite peoples bday ,my sis and lyricist @admuze1 , come see me kill shit in one of my favorite city he LBC!!! W/Verbs , Bobby glasco, savitho ,alias the @ikt , Oso California and C Bucket
See y’all there -Chi

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom , we may not have always seen eye to eye , since she’s 5”2” lol , **clears throat ** but I appreciate you , and I understand how hard your childhood was , had I known that earlier in life , my clarity .. would’ve been so different ...wouldn’t change the pain ... but , I would’ve identified the rage I inherited...
We are both survivors now ... and i do love you so very much All your precious english lessons , lust for reading and amazing vocabulary , have given me a way to live forever , after already giving me a physical life🙏🏽
your the best grandma my babies could ask for , the shit they get away with ..I’d be dead 😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️....
Much love on your day.....I look forward to a future spent , with so much time together ❤️❤️❤️
Pictured also here my father🇵🇷🇵🇷
That’s a conversation for another day...
Happy Mother’s Day mommy!!
The most brilliant Woman I’ve known ....
Chi ...

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