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Todd Anisman  Bwahahahahaha

Saw Metallica last night at the Rose Bowl- 6 of these Meyer line array hangs with several fills on the ground as well. Unknown how many lfc's, but it was impressive. best sounding outdoor large format stage i have personally heard. Way too fucking loud tho... Does that mean im getting old???

Still recording after all these years...

The Gathering has always jad live music, and this year stepped it up a notch with Calle Placer, a fusion salsa band, featuring none other than ChinoSound's own Kevin Ramos on bass guitar. A huge hit, i imagine they'll be back next year... #chinosound

One of the few pics i took at the gathering... The Railroad stage, 4 th118, 2 sh46, 2 sm96. Copact 4 point with a lil bass directionality that was clean, deep, and perfect.

I3Arts, 6 TH118, 4 TD-1

DJ Dan on the decks... Talk about Slammin'!!!!

Last weekend, I had the honor to engineer the Woogie Stage at LIB. Working for Motion Audio, I knew the bar was set high. I have such respect and admiration for Ian Ingram, and also for Jesse Wright and the whole Woogie crew... And when Ian said he was jammed at Thunder, I knew it was on me. Even my experience w Yamaha boards, Word Clock, and so much more I had learned in post audio came into play. We tweaked and worked that stage and then it ROCKED. 27 LFC-700's, 20 JM tops, and even a set of L'Acoustic monitors. Talk about a SICK sound system. This is one of the only pictures I got, as my phone was just dying out there, but it's of the legendary Stephan Bodzin, who played an epic live set with a real Moog and a custom mixer. What a joy. We even shared a couple shots of whiskey. A total dream come true #LIB #woogiestage #jessewright #motionaudio #ianingram

Shop Day @ ChinoSound HQ!!!
Ver 1.710 going in

What Were doin on a Friday afternoon!
#Triptobot #chinosound #voidaudio

A CDJ cleaning led to this many dirty ass qtips... PUT YOUR DECKS AWAY WHEN NOT IN USE IN THE DESERT!!!!

How NOT to fly a RACK.... Not to mention the illegal 12ga wire running 4 amps drawing 10a each... By breakering the wire w a 50a breaker. 12 ga wire ia only supposed to have a max 20a breaker. This was taken at am above ground legal venue, boylston 333live. So if you think that being in an inspected "up to code" venue makes you safe, you had best think again.

#333live. Way to keep us safe!!!!

When the bass is so strong, the platters vibrate.... Whoa!!!!

Always interesting to find repairs from a repair company I trust, that involve a blown trace on the motherboard.... Hmmmmm...

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