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Chino Cow Save  *NEXT VIGIL is April 8* chinocowsave@gmail.com We are an official extension of @thesavemovement.


A BIG THANK YOU to every one of the 30 activists that came out today, even knowing that we might not see cows. Thank you for understanding that we need to show a continued large presence at these vigils, so that management starts taking us seriously. We disrupted their normal truck schedule and that's something significant. Additionally, a lot of the workers came out to see us, which gave us the opportunity to give them handouts for slaughterhouse worker rights and a hotline they could call. Almost all of them gladly accepted one. 👍🐂🐮❤️

Join us this Saturday! There is again the chance that trucks might be kept from us, but please stand with us to show our persistence and determination as we try to reach an agreement with the slaughterhouse to allow us to bear witness. They won't be able to keep us from seeing the cows for long.


@Regrann from @vgndru - After visiting the cow slaughterhouse today with @chinocowsave, we went over to these gentle cows who gave us kisses! They were so curious, yet so cautious of us. Sadly, these beautiful beings will be used and then killed. Are their lives worth less than a dog's or a cat's?

@repost from @laanimalsave - Today at @chinocowsave's FIRST vigil!!! Please follow their Instagram account and go to their vigils!!

@repost from @thehappycaterpillars - First cow vigil with @chinocowsave with these amazing activists! @vgndru @vgnlghtn @veganlene_8
Didn't see any trucks but we did have signs on all four corners of the street as well as leaflets to pass out to drivers at red lights. Pretty successful event. We will be back!
People honked in agreement as well as disagreement but either way these cows didn't need to die today and you can help stop it by ending your support of the meat industry. Please consider going vegan and leaving animal and animal products off your plate. @torontocowsave

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@repost from @thesoniav - FIRST GREAT @chinocowsave vigil!! Awesome activists supporting cows 🐮 and spreading the word about animal rights ✊🏽and veganism. Looking forward to the next one 👆🏽

All mothers love their babies.

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