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Chino Cow Save @chinocowsave #chinocowsave Next event:

Last week we encountered 7 trucks full of cows in two hours. Please bear witness with us same time this week to help share their plight.

Facebook event page (also found in bio):

We encountered 7 trucks full of cows going in today (the most we've seen ever). Several of them still had many cows inside when coming back out.

We didn't have many people to be able to effectively document the cows and the conditions inside the trucks.

Please come bear witness with us next week! ❤

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Please bear witness with us at ABP this Friday morning.

Imagine this happening all over the world, simultaneously.

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Following last night's Brisbane screening of Dominion, our Assistant Producer Matthew Lynch joined this morning's incredible action at the Glasshouse Piggery in Beerburrum QLD, taking this photo of 68 activists locking down an industry-standard farrowing shed. Well done to everyone involved in this historic event.

A highschool neighboring Northview Dairy gets out at 2:30pm, at which point many students walk past this intersection. This is a great outreach opportunity to educate these children about the dairy industry. Please join us for a vigil+outreach event.

WHEN: Thursday, April 5, 1:30pm–3:30pm
WHERE: 12901 Haven Ave, Ontario, CA 91761

Find Facebook event link in bio:

ATTENTION vigil attendees: At around 2 PM, we will be moving the vigil to the American Beef Packers slaughterhouse.

13677 Yorba Ave, Chino, CA 91710

For Facebook event page link, see bio.

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Last week, we held a vigil at a local #dairyfarm to bear witness to the suffering of the animals. While we were there, we noticed a brand new baby, all alone—not moving. My latest vlog tells her story, which is the story of so many. Except this baby had activists trying to help her and her mother. Unfortunately, most go through a similar process unseen.
Please go to the link in my bio for the full vlog. 🐮 ❤️ 🐮
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Last week when I was making out with baby cows 🐄 you know, just vegan things #veganaf (sorry for my squishy faces, cow tongues feel really funny on your face)

***The meeting will take place at a private residence in Upland, CA…please message us for the exact location address.

We would like all vigil-goers to join us in an IMPORTANT strategy meeting where we will discuss and strategize about future vigils and events, wherever they might be. *** PIZZA and CUPCAKES provided!! Hope to see you this Friday evening.
*** PLEASE MESSAGE US for the exact address.

BEFORE this strategy meeting, please join us at North View Dairy on the corner of Riverside and Haven for a 1-hr vigil for the dairy cows.

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Yesterday when I arrived to the @chinocowsave vigil I noticed there was a baby calf that wasn’t moving at all, I couldn’t see breathing or any movement so I thought she might even be dead, I went to the workers and told them someone needs to go check on this baby. A farmer came to check and I told them if she was sick I would love to take her to a sanctuary and give her the veterinarian care she needs.. the worker took me to the owner.
I told the owner that we are a love based movement and not here to hate on the farmers or him, we are there for the animals. I asked him what happens to the sick cows.. do they go to the slaughterhouse? He said they do not, they just euthanize them. (Which usually means with a gun to the head in this industry) so I told him, instead of doing that, can you give me a call and I can find them a sanctuary that can nurse them back to health and give them a long and happy life. He replies “you guys are vegans?” I said yes , he then said “ no, I’m not interested.” I asked him, “ if you have the choice to give them life or kill them, why not give them life?” He replied “it’s my choice” but in reality it’s not his choice because it involves the life of another being.
Then about an hour later I witnessed the baby I was trying to save get ripped away from her mother.
The mother ran to her and then watched them take her away. She knew she would never see her again. In the video you can see the mother look at the farmer and then run to me. She knew I wasn’t one of them. She heard me crying, she could feel my pain and that I was on her side. She looked at me as if to say “ help me”
But there was nothing I could do.. this ripped me apart. I will never forget that moment.
I was balling on my knees after that with my head in my hands and I look up and see about 10 cows looking at me.. as if they were trying to comfort me.
They know. Just like when a cat or dog knows when you are said, they know too.
They may not speak my language but she spoke to me..

At our dairy farm vigil right now.

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