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At THE VALES, would be nice to unwind at the pool after a long day :-)

Phenomenon Sharkdoodoo mania!
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Beautiful skyscrapers with clear blue skies !

Didn't manage to go under 25min / 5km again. I asked myself, "So what, if I breach?" There are many people out there who can run faster than me, compete in ultra distances, much more fitter, many out there who had it better in their lives. What do I get out of this other than a good workout to unwind my hectic day?
I keep on reminding myself and each time, it gets a little bit easier to convince myself. Life is a race. One day, we all will get to the finishing line. It really doesn't matter whether you start strong, where you are at now or how slow you think you are, this is your race, your life. Run it at your own pace. Pick your challenge selectively. Your goal is not to make everyone happy (your wife is the only exception). Chase your aspirations responsibly, don't take yourself too seriously or crank up a fuss over failures. It happens to all of us. Whatever you do, keep moving forward. Make full use of your life. What you only have is a one way ticket. Don't waste it .

Why is it important for me to go under 25mins? cos it is a morale booster before next month Singapore Master's Track and Field Championship.

Set out to break my personal best to clear 5km under 25mins. Cool weather checked, High spirit checked.
At the end, didn't finish the race beacause I went to answer nature's call. Things happen! Expect The Unexpected!
Perhaps, another day for record breaking ;-)

Drapes at Cafe swiss and the empty seats make an interesting composition. Do you agree?
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Did my maiden video trying to inspire people to continue pursuing their passion no matter what, with my turnaround story. For full video, click on profile link. Pls like and share so that YouTube can surface the video and make it more accessible. Thank you for watching ;-)
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Although I do not train as intense as before, I still maintain a 10km /week routine as a fitness regime. Strong leg muscles are crucial in running and a strong upper body is important to reinforces a runner's form. An efficient running form helps you to run faster and expend less energy. This is one variation of my upper body workouts. Try it as a standalone workout or after your run. 15 mins is all you need. "In our limited life, few things truly matter. Health is one of them." - Chin Hock

Dad's Job
A huge part of it is to keep you thinking.

Shared my personal experience on blood donation on the programme " Hello Singapore" - Channel 8. Also wrote an article to promote awareness via

Juggling between the roles of a father, caregiver and money generating machine at 40 yrs old can be daunting. Hope the following 2 tips that predominately help to maintain my weight between 59-62 kg for the past 20 years, inspires.

1. Nothing and no one else can motivate you to make the choice to live healthily except yourself.  You must tell yourself it is worth it. Give your health top priority. On average, we have only about 32,000 days on earth. Make your stay a more enjoyable one with a healthier body and mind.

2. Pick a physical activity you like and not just follow any fad - Be it belly dance, line dancing etc It has to be something you look forward doing it. Try to pick something you can do it on your own so that you are less dependent on someone else. For me, I love the freedom of jogging as it brings me to places. I will jog about 30 mins and do 30 mins of calisthenics exercises at the fitness corners, 3x / week. When I miss my workout, I will make it up by waking up early over the weekend.

In our limited life, few things truly matter. Health is one of them - Chin Hock


You were exactly 6 months old when I froze this precious moment. One day, you will realise that our time together as a family is a treasure Papa holds close to his heart. 👶 #baby #babies #adorable @top.tags #toptags #cute #cuddly #cuddle #small #lovely #love #instagood #babiesofinstagram #beautifulbaby #mybaby #beautiful #life #sleep #sleeping #instababies #happy #igbabies #childrenphoto #toddler #instababy #infant #photooftheday #sweet #tiny #little #family

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