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Chinhhari Arts  Developing local and tribal artisans.recycle best out of waste.Art,Home decor,Gifting, customised orders.WA +919993058589. Worldwide shipping🚚.

Reclaimed wooden wall Art handpainted by our artist. Please visit our website and go to the wooden wall decor section to place the order. You will find many more unique products as well. Also we are coming up with new set of products very soon, so keep following us. To order visit our website
What’s app on +919993058589 for customised Orders. Have a great day . .
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A beautiful testimonial by @reshma.krishna
We always feel emotionally happy to get these testimonials. All the hard work and talent of our tribal artists become successful when we get a really nice feed back from Art lovers like her. Thank you so much mam for the same.
Hey friends keep following us and give us your precious feed back to help us grow. Have a nice days ahead everyone.

Tribal figurine made of wrought iron.
Let me explain the uniqueness of this art form called “ Pitva Art “. All these small figures are made of scrap small iron pieces. If you look at the figures closely you will find that , each and every human figurine is made of single piece of iron sheet and there is no joints in it !! And yes all the making is done only by chisel and hammer only after heating up the iron sheet by charcoal, no machine is used to make them. Process of making itself is so wonderful that we fall in love with the art again and again. The community which makes these is a small one and only very few tribal people practice this! I guess this artform transfers only by blood.
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Wooden Art work. Bastar region wood craft is known for its tribal designs and it reflects in each and every piece. The way our artisan depicts the tribal and village life is unique.
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Hey everyone,This is Ashish. I was born and brought up in a small City and after my Studies I got an industrial job, sounds dull, but but but the most beautiful thing happened to me was my workplace was surrounded by huge jungle. My residential quarter was just few hundred metres away from the dense forest. So I started soaking up the nature and observing animals. We used to see snakes, bear, foxes, Hyena, and so many reptiles,bugs and other beautiful species. I really started to feel the love for nature and animals. I really want to confess, if my x-bosses are reading this, tht we friends used to pack our food during lunch time and used to go to the forest to have our food. Most of our Sundays holidays and even after-job time were spent in the jungles, small picnics to near by water falls and small road trips. Even most of our night parties venue was near by hill top in the middle of the jungle. In few of our random night clicks framed some beautiful snakes as well. feeling nostalgic!!!
So when I decided to leave my job, the most difficult part was... yes I didn’t want to leave behind the nature and animals.
When we came back to my home city, I had a flat in the middle of the city. Me and Divya didn’t want to shift there and everyone else was like, are you mad who leaves the place like this and a nice property and all blah blah.... after few days we managed to find our dream place in outskirts of the city, ground floor flat surrounded by the place for gardening.
We started to create our small own little jungle all around and after 4 years managed to get some beautiful birds and bugs and snakes around .me and Divya feel really fortunate to found this beautiful place. Now living with our 8 dog - kids, and I am part of the NGO of the snake helpline. People say it’s far from the city , but just tell me one thing can you buy Nature ? You can buy a flat worth millions but can you buy the surroundings, can you invite those birds and animals by spending money?? .....
So yes not able to match the same jungle feeling but now our little garden gives us pleasure, and oxygen to survive in the city . It’s our gardening day friends.Happy Sunday everyone !

Happy Hippo ! Terracotta garden decor. To order pls visit our website
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Wrought Iron Key Holder or cloth holder.
Dimension(hxl) = 17x13 inch!
Wrought Iron handicraft also known as “Pitva Art “ is an Ancient art form, made by a very small Tribal community of Bastar, Chhattisgarh. They use mostly waste or left out Iron pieces, cut it manually by chisel and hammer and heat it by charcoal. Mostly all the human and animal figures are made of single piece of sheet by manual hammering work of a hot metal piece. To make a joint they use Rivets. NO Welding machine, cutting machine, mold are used to make an artifact and that makes it a true handicraft. When you touch and feel the product you can see the hard work behind each and every piece.

After making, each and every piece is treated with Red oxide to avoid Rust in future and then 3 layer of oil paint (Mat Finish) is done to finish the product. For the maintenance, in long run we recommend to gently clean it with Cotton and oil .Each and every piece will last for lifetime.
Product will be dispatched In 2 -3 working days and delivery is estimated in 5- 7 days after dispatch.
To order please visit our website
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Our workshop! Khilesh our star performer, and all our 4 legged kids love to be around him , you can see in the video. He loves all of them very much and our kids loves him equally. 🐕Maya the white one ( the Don ), kaya the Black one A loner and Bhoomi the Brown one is Sabse Laadli. We have 5 kids in our workshop and our team members love and play with all of them. We all are like a big family and most of the days are like a picnic for us , we play , we laugh, we learn and eat all together. We are so so fortunate to have such a lovely team. .
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The word “terracotta" comes from the Italian words for “baked earth."
The temperature needed to transform soft clay into hard ceramic is extremely high and is usually provided by a kiln. You cannot fire pottery in a home oven because ovens do not get up to the high temperatures of more than 1,500 F that you need for firing clay. In modern societies pottery and brick is fired in kilns to temperatures ranging from 1,800 F to 2,400 F.
it is an art that has sustained for generations in the rural areas of the state. The demand is ever increasing and people highly prefer to decorate their gardens and interiors with dark brown painted terracotta art.

Abstract Art ! series of new products are under development. We are making various new products in wall Art and home decor section. Most of them are made by reclaimed and recycled waste material. Soon they will be available to buy in our website. So keep following us and visit our website
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Wrought Iron Lantern for Balcony and gardens. There is a provision in the top to insert Bulb and holder.
To order pls visit our website
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