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Had an awesome dinner with uberly talkative, buzzed and loud companions which made everything fall perfectly into place ♥️ Here are my top favorites from @chefjoshboutwood, creator of Helm and many other successful dining spots. *names are not in order with the photos... My super favorite was the 1) Mussel, ink, eggplant, black garlic (i’m a sucker for smoked dishes) 2) seabass, dill & pistachio 3) Cabbage, Duck liver & Ube 4) Tenderloin, Crispy Tendon & Ash 5) Egg yolk, Potato & Chicken 6) Coconut, Pandan & Macapuno... 😋 Thanks chef for another wonderful dining experience! @helmmnl

Like my re touched eyebrows? 😍 @naturalbrowsbykenandroman 💕 Thanks my loves!!!

Have a StrawVery wonderful day!!! #StrawberryShortcake by @cafeysabel_official

Like my new ‘do? 💇🏻 #LuciaCG kept me company and had her shampoo and blow dry as well! 😍

#Leveling LOL 😂 Magpapakapagod ka pa ba? Ang wrinkles... #AntiAging

Making the most of our last day ♥️ #LakwaChina

When #LakwaChina met Yquem at Tiffany’s 😍 #Kisser

Make your own breakfast 2... pa healthy effect 🤪 #LakwaChina

Want some? 🦀 #LakwaChina

Trio 🐽 kulits #LakwaChina

SEE’s!!! 🍫 #LakwaChina I didn’t get to do justice to the selection of their chocolates with this photo but @seescandies is definitely worth the post... i had so much samples 🤪 #HappyTummy #ChocolateHigh

I forgot to take photos of everything else we had for lunch... this is the lone survivor - saved the best for last. 🤪 #LakwaChina

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