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This trip is coming to an end.
I’ve been having mixed feelings about it. Overall, it’s been a hell of a learning experience. I learned about my partner. I’ve learned about myself. And I learned a lot about what it feels like to be an adult and on my own. This trip has humbled me and has made me appreciate the good and bad of my life. I’ve experienced things that I don’t ever do. It’s given me clarity. It’s given me a goal. A Mindset. A mindset that I’m ready to take into action in NYC.
Here we go.

Our Relationship has been struggling lately.
It’s really easy for me to be focused on work and have complete tunnel vision, which can be seen as a good thing but when I look up to my role models, they make it very clear that being an entrepreneur can be very lonely. I feel like my inner circle has changed drastically these past 2 years, along side with my life over all. This can be very scary sometimes but the one thing that keeps together and keeps feeling safe while I’m working 1,000 miles per hour is her. She is my foundation. She is what I’m building my legacy on and without her, I don’t even know where I would be. I know I have to dedicate time to her. To US. To keep the most special thing in my life. This can be a reminder to all my fellow hustlers out there. We are Moving fast and jumping high. But let’s make sure there’s someone worth sharing it all with once we land.
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It’s a Green Light 🚦So Hurry Up and GO!

Wet like water

I’m so driven At this moment and I can’t wait to show you what I’m about to do.

You can do it. 🌻

From Clouds!!! To Dirt!!!

Lil snippet of Vlogtober. w/ @_austinn_

Vlog-tober Challenge, here we go!!! Thanks @babin
Shot by @_christinerosa

Hey, it's me...

So I reached out to @petelottphotography last week, he was throwing a Models and Photographers party, so i hit him up and asked him if I could film it. That night I came through, filmed an awesome party where my boy @abnerlunaent hooked it up with the music, and had a blast meeting so many like minded people. Pete directed me while I was editing and I learned so much from him. We created this awesome video, let it be our first of many!!! 🙌🏼

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