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jessica  she is my religion so I can call her shesus

yoongi invented scoffing I dnt make the rules 🥴
for mia 🤬👉🏼👈🏼 definitely archiving later

having every girl wrapped around his finger is the norm for jungkook..its why he’s so cocky
[yes that rly is jungkooks voice 😭]

i’ll take the ship that actually talks and interacts and isn’t based off of 2 second eye contact at an award show
intro ib pendvnt

thank u ly tour, but also what the FUCK is in the busan water.
dt parker n shay😔😓🤸🏻‍♂️
(first abs is jimin seconds is jungkooks)

jk: my hands are freezing.. i need jimin
namjoon: does he have ur gloves
jk: no
namjoon: then?? why
jimin, wandering over: is everything ok?
jk, placing his hands around jimin’s waist with contentment: yeah. perfect

taehyung x dbh!au
after killing his abusive owner taehyung becomes self aware and realizes he is much more than just an android slave 😳
4 andrecrab 🦀 n jessie🤰
ac: kuteaudios ib: classicpewds

did someone say dom daddy! late bday edit for the president himself
dt: pjmbliss <3 ac: hannahvids

for the yoongi to my jungkook

imagine hyping people like lil tay up when a whole lil jeikei exists. the real yung flexer of the century just came thru 💪🏻 😎💸😳
au where jungkook is a viral flexer and shows off his expensive rings and rolex’s ..nvm its reality

he snapped, this big dick energy ain’t an energy no more we ALLL know he’s actually packing [REAL SUBS YALL]
dedicated to: andre joel bella lilly dae nisha kai audrey sam liz safiah aly lucee
rm; seavyeful

ended ur fav asmrtists with 3 taps 😜💅🏻😎😳 life with mak....nae

ac; evilherself

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