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Mario Rubalcaba  Drummer • Skateboarder

Slapp Happy 🤙 📸 by Unkle StinKy 👴🏽 #assaultskateboards #earthless #skateboardingisfun

I was so happy to see this and then realized that I’ll be out on tour as well. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Snuck in a few grindz before they hit the lights out. This pool is buttery perfection. 🤤💥🛸 #skateboardingisfun #earthless #assaultskateboards

My Vancheeto monster helping dada unpack some fresh stix for the next @earthlessrips tour. ThNk U Chad B and @vaterdrumsticks for makin’ the best sticks out there! In the box- th’ H-220 Freeeeese #earthless #vaterdrumsticks #vanbluerubalcaba 🥁

Back to UK/Europe for summer vacay wid @earthlessrips 🍻🥖🧀🥖🧀🥖🧀🥖🧀 #earthless #blackheaven

Just a bunch of scrubs from Vista... Congratulations to our brother Matt Hensley @matthensley22 on his induction into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. We are so proud of you and love you brother. I so wish I could be there with you all to celebrate. 🍻‼️ Here’s a small pinch of our VSL crew, stoked to still be in touch with many of’em. The bond that skating creates is amazing. #vsl #vistastillrips #vistaskateboarding @matthensley22 @damonway @dannyway @ft3fade @deer_piss @assaultskateboards

I’ve been having dreams about skating last couple days. Real wild ones, in my sleep. Anyone else have these? This is from the McGills skatepark days around 1989 or 90’ - Alva am. Dave Duncan board. Jeans/pants skating vert. No one back then except Ross Goodman or San Jose guys wore jeans/pants skating vert. Used to get shit for it, but I just thought it made my skating look a little better cuz I had chik’n legs. Venom sticker on helmet a must. Pooka shell and upside down cross necklaces. Madonna. Oh shit... and Dreadlocks. Yikes! 😬📸 by ❓#skateboardingisfun @thetonyalva1957 @doubleddunc @venomband @venom_inc #earthless #alvaskates #alvaposse

My ‘not so little’ Maddie is 12 years old now... blows my mind how fast time is goin. Love you Madeline. 💚🌹

Box set come up... person tried to charge me $300 just for the mono 8lp Dylan Set... I laughed, and after a lil’ haggling’ and overhearing her yell at her kids “I can’t wait for Yr dad to get outta jail so he can take you” I was like “$150 for it all”... welp- she took it. Record transactions can be strange... 😬 #chimbotrecords #earthless #vinyljunkie #norecordsnolife #records

My stash that I brought over from euro shores... a good chunk of Krautrock , the Hendrix tribute band is absolute stoned out Fuzz n’ Feedback glory from 3 stoned out German teens. I see so many different versions of this lp when I go to Germany, gotta grab’em cuz they’re cheeep. 🎸🤯🍻 #chimbotrecords #vinyljunkie #records #earthless #norecordsnolife

Who said the swap meet is dead? Fun pick up this morning, All new, all sealed and all $5.00 #chimbotrecords #krautrock #vinyljunkie #records #swapmeetfinds

2 months of band touring usually = 🚫 skating. I miss it and can’t wait to cruise around soon. This is from some months ago with @marioxcc33 #earthless #skateboardingisfun #blackheaven #thankyouskateboarding

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