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No one does it like @thenumerogroup although some of these tunes have been comped before, never have they been so legitimately licensed or seen in such a respectful manner and of course the packaging is supreme lord gonzo. It's a blaster fer sure‼️☠️💀☠️🎸🥁⚰️🗡🔪🚬🔪⚔️ #acidnitemares #chimbotrecords #blacklight

I have absolutely no recollection of taking this pic but it's def from 92' and I'm proud to say that 25 years later, this piggy can still fly... 🐷🦅🐷🐽🦅🐽 #earthless #ludwigdrums @assaultskateboards @damonway #Repost @woodentoys_sk8 (@get_repost)
Mario Rubalcaba (@chimbot),ollie
Foto:Dave Swift (@daveswift01)
#mariorubalcaba #daveswift #daveswiftphoto #throwback #90sskateboarding #thankyouskateboarding #thankyouFORskateboarding #skate #skateboarding #skateboardingisnotacrime #skateordie #scan #droorsclothing

"Caught under a world of Beautiful Blues" - what a way to close out the summer. The Heartbreakers gave San Diego a monster performance! Here's @benmonttench gett'n downright dirty on his gear. Great to meet you man. Big 🙌 @thetrapset Joe for having me be yr guest. The Ultimate Hang it was. 📸 by me• @tompettyofficial #tompettyandtheheartbreakers #40thanniversarytour2017 #benmonttench #rockandrollwillneverdie #itcanonlylive #kaaboo #kaaboo2017

9:00 am fun stuff at poods park. 📸 @marioxcc33 good times today brutha🍻✌️#thankyouskateboarding @assaultskateboards @ojwheels @independenttrucks @vansskate #earthless

Mario and me... Warrrio. 9:30 am seshes.... hmmm... been a bit since I've done that. @marioxcc33

Finally got to track some drums @singingserpent studios today. This is the house kit - a beautiful vintage Camco in great condition. Sounded pretty damn good along with the @ludwigdrumshq Copperphonic snare which of course sounds really DAMN good too. 🥁🥁🥁🥁 #ludwigdrums #vintagecamco #camcodrums #zildjiancymbals #drums

Love the Keys on this album. When it hits down hard before the descending line was all I needed to hear to take it off the listening station and buy immediately. Beautiful record all the way through. #chimbotrecords #blackjazz #walterbishopjr

❤️🥁❤️🥁 #elvinjones

Some serious scores today. Zamrock vol.2 is puro habañero skorch🔥Hendrix boot is a great period where he was still playing the 1st lp thru Electric Ladyland stuff. Wild excursions tho. Really takes off on this one! And the Klaus Weiss lp (that's what is playing) is the surprise here. Great drummer in Niagara & Sunbirds. This is more of a wild experimental unhinged beats thing. As always- thx mucho @folkartsrarerecords fer being the real deal. 🥁🎸🍻 #chimbotrecords

Happy Anniversary my babe. @vincentblue Truly thankful to share this life with you and for the amazing woman and mama you are. Love you❤️ pic by ol' Ben Clark @megapixel_vs_grain 🍻

A lil' psychedelic gypsy rock by DAMON. The only reissue that really matters is the @nowagain one. Top sound,mastering and story. One of my fave psych rock Lps. #chimbotrecords #damon #daviddelconte #psychedelic

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