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Mario Rubalcaba  Drums• Skating• Check link below- 👇


Haven’t skated curbs in a minute but stoked to re-learn these oldies but goodies. Good timez with the fellazzz! Also got the Charlie Horse of my life, thx curb!!! 🍻🍻🍻#curbcrushers #curbcrushersgrandorder 📽@marioxcc33 @kyongkim @cuesonesd @mindmutant @junecate @briskone #ollieesé @assaultskateboards 🏋🏽‍♀️🕺🏼🤯

Fridaze... Eclectic Neuroticism - some stuff to dig into. 👹👹👹👹👹👹🛸🛸🛸🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 #chimbotrecords #vinyljunkie

New @uglythingsmag is always a good high, good day to blast some 60’z garage punk. This be Canadian ripperz The Haunted. 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

Honored to get asked to be a part of this tribute to thee one n’ only! Jamm’n with some good doodz for a good cause, playin’ some GREAT songs. Hope you all can join us, gonna be a fun time. @tompettyofficial @tompettyfans #tompettyforever

Dream’n about skating this pool again... it’s so good. Got a deathbox grind in but the real goal is to Hewitt over the DB & light. Maybe next time... #assaultskateboards #earthless #ludwigdrums

There’s only one @osterstyle but we can try... finally got to cruise new Linda Vista Park. It Ripzzzz!!! @assaultskateboards @ojwheels @vansskate @levis #earthless #hotsnakes #alpinefuzzsociety #assaultskateboards

“The Record Eater” decks are out now! Art by ze talented @liveradstudios • Available on a 8.8 custom and a 8.5 popsicle shape, assorted veneers. Bloody chuffed on how these turned out. Love throwing out crazy ideas to artists and seeing what their vision turns it into. Thx @assaultskateboards @liveradstudios #assaultskateboards #earthless #hotsnakes #rocketfromthecrypt #offband #records #vinyljunkie #skateboarding

First time skating in a month, felt good to carve n’ kick. Thx for gett’n me polarized today as well @marioxcc33 - I got the sniper cam out for a quick snip of sir @nblender findin’ a sweet line. 📸 by @marioxcc33 @assaultskateboards - @otisserie

Stoked! Finally headin’ back over to Europe/UK w/a new @earthlessrips album! See ya then folks✌️🍟🍻 #earthless #earthlessrips @nuclearblastusa @ludwigdrumshq @vaterdrumsticks @roadburnfest @zildjiancompany

Alpine Fuzz Society - line up for this weekend is: Pauly boy: bass • Parker: Guitar/Vox • Me: Drmzz • Isaiah: Guitar • Stoked to cook these tunes on the skillet!🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳 #1/2moscow1/2earthless #earthless #alpinefuzzsociety #radiomoscow

It’s gonna be loose n’ hairy but fun - @elperromadeofclay and yr’z truly will finally play some of these Alpine Fuzz tunes live for the first time down in Mex City. Here’s a snip from our 4trk cassette demo. Raw 60’z garage inspired Acid RNR! 🤯 @alpinefuzzsociety #earthless #radiomoscow #alpinefuzzsociety #earthlessradiomoscowmx17 #killpillnights @earthlessrips @radiomoscowband

Mexico City Meltdown!⚡️Earthless ⚡️Radio Moscow ⚡️Alpine Fuzz Society ⚡️2 nights - Dec. 1st & 2nd. Can’t wait! 🤯🤪‼️ @earthlessrips @radiomoscowband #earthless #radiomoscow #earthlessradiomoscowmx17 #killpillnights @alpinefuzzsociety #alpinefuzzsociety

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