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Addy  Aren’t we all lost stars Trying to light up the dark?

Finally have time to read some of my favorites. I’ll always always love flowers, Impressionism, spring and endless sunshine. Call me basic, I don’t care.

I keep saying the last two years at @columbiaengineering is the hardest of my life, which I don’t say lightly. Now I’m officially done, only to find how much I miss it 😢 I’m so grateful for the amazing ppl I’ve met here, new friends I’ve made, and things I’ve learnt. Today is a big day, which is an end of an uncomfortable journey, and into the unknown, which, I wish, is full of the amazing new uncomfortableness. #seastheworld2019 @columbiaengineering @cugradseas #seastheworld

The chicest flower store in Chelsea! Sad I forgot the name. But I think it’s at 20 st and 7th ave! Mom arriving today. Picking a bouquet for the queen 👑!

“ If you were born with
the weakness to fall
You were born with
the strength to rise “ - Rupi Kaur

Mother’s love comes in all shapes and sizes, even when we don’t understand, love is still love. Happy Mother’s Day ❤️

Of course the siren can do straddle split! #goals 😁

Every time I do my hair, it guarantees to rain. No exceptions, like clock work.

“Nothing worth of having or doing comes easily. “- F. Roosevelt’s quote sums up my 2018. Coming up, is a new exciting chapter!

(ATP - Asian taking pictures ... I guess this is a thing) 🙈 graduation counting down! I miss here already ...😢 @cugradseas @columbiaengineering #seastheworld2019 #seastheworld

This double blossom tree in my neighborhood is in full bloom again. ☺️ It is gorgeous and always reminds me the endless possibilities in life.


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